Fun-Filled Week 6 NFL Thoughts Make You Go Hmmmm!!

Pro football gamblers and NFL fans everywhere that are looking for some fun-filled insight into this weekend’s upcoming slate of Week 6 contests are in for a treat as I offer up my latest thoughts on every coming Week 6 NFL matchup.

At the very least, my weekly NFL thoughts column provides gridiron gamblers and pro football followers with some comedic relief. With the weekend about to get started, let’s rock and roll.

Panthers Overdue?

So what the Carolina Panthers have a 1-4 record after five games. The Panthers have played exceptional football for a team in the first year of a total overhaul. Needless to say, first-year head coach Ron Rivera and rookie quarterback Cam Newton have been outstanding to say the least.

Can you believe the seasons the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions have both unfurled so far? Apparently, Jim Harbaugh was more than ready to be a head coach at the NFL level … and big ‘ups’ to the entire Detroit Lions organization. Now, here’s hoping that Matthew Stafford can finally make it through an entire NFL season.

Upside Down, Boy You Turn Me!

Diana Ross’ major hit describes the seasons of the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals perfectly. The Colts are down, like way down. Jim Caldwell is clueless and the Colts are mostly defenseless. At 3-2, the Bengals have far surpassed their expectations (like 0-5) particularly seeing as how veteran quarterback Carson Palmer told the organization he would never play for them again this past offseason.

Inside Out and ‘Round and ‘Round!

Finishing off the Diana Ross theme, the Philadelphia Eagles and their ‘dream team’ (what a joke) look more like football’s version of the Bad News Bears. The Washington Redskins haven’t looked overpowering or anything, but they are 3-1 after four games.

Phone It In!

Just wondering how many points the Packers are going to destroy the Rams by this weekend. Talk about a mismatch!

Home Fixins’

If I’m Mike Tomlin, the first thing on my mind is getting my starters some rest after laying the smackdown on Jacksonville through three quarters in their Week 6 ‘mis-matchup’.

Blazin’ Buffalo Wings

If you like NFL football, then you’ve got to love the Buffalo Bills’ resurgence this season. After watching them for five weeks, I genuinely believe the Bills are going to be a force all season long.

Silver and Black Special

The Oakland Raiders pulled off the road upset at Houston as a tribute to late owner Al Davis in Week 5 and are poised to honor their longtime owner and general manager again when they host Cleveland in their first home game since Davis’ death.

Statement Time

The Houston Texans could make a very big statement about their legitimacy as an AFC title contender at Baltimore this weekend … but they won’t!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Waiting to Happen?

The Tama Bay Buccaneers got blown out of the water in its 48-3 road loss to San Francisco in Week 5, but something tells me they’re going to pull a ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ and give Drew Brees and the Saints a very tough way to go in their Week 6 meeting on Sunday.

Old-School Schooling

Maybe it’s me, but I’m thinking Tom Brady is going to give Tony Romo an ‘old school’ schooling on how to actually play quarterback in the NFL.

Mediocre Bowl!

The uninspiring Chicago Bears and mostly listless Minnesota Vikings, will meet on Sunday in a contest that doesn’t have a whole lot of hype surrounding it. Maybe it’s because these two underachieving teams occupy the bottom two spots in the NFC North, thanks to Detroit’s meteoric rise.

Miami Vise

Anyone that knows me, know I bleed Dolphin teal, orange and white, but I always keep it real and I’ve got to say, the Fins are absolutely clueless and look a lot like shark bait as they visit the desperate Jets in their Week 6 AFC East divisional matchup.

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