Fun Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Everyone hates to feel that certain change in the weather, when all of a sudden your toes are chilled and you feel the need for an extra blanket. Luckily there are a few fun things you can still do before kissing summer goodbye.

One last water activity is a great way to officially end summer. Try gathering your friends, family, or kids and have a pool party, go to a water park, or even a simple balloon fight can be just the thing you need to fall into autumn mode. Having a pool party is great if you do not have extra money lying around to visit a water park and having a balloon fight is great if you do not have a pool. However, if you like road trips do not forget about the beach!

This one is for the outdoor people; take one last run, rollerblade, or bike ride along your favorite trail. You can also make this a tradition and gather friends and family together and do this every year when summer ends. Think of this as the last run of summer. You can also make this more interesting by racing to a certain location and loser buys ice-cream, and every year when summer ends you can meet up at a certain location it does not have to be the same and do this again. This is a great way to end summer.

This is will only attract certain people, but how about one last natural tan. Use the end of summer to spend all day outside either being active or lying around in the sun of course. Take advantage of the free sun and go natural one last time.

This may sound silly to most but lemonade anyone? The fun thing about lemonade is that you can mix it with other berries and fruits and it tastes fantastic! So as an idea perhaps every year you and your family can try a different berry or fruit and compare with the combination you did last year. If you happen to come across a berry or fruit you really want to liquidly but it is difficult to juice either buy it as a fruit puree or puree it first, bottoms up.

This list may not be as long as you would have hope, but trust me one of these four things are great for waving goodbye to summer and accepting autumn. If you live in a seasonal climate like I do you learn to love all weather and find many fun things to do all year around!

Stay tuned for more seasonal articles.

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