Future Fictional Predictions for 2012

1) A rogue nation will legalize marriages between adults and children of any age. This will result in a wave of kidnappings and shotgun weddings. Few nations will recognize these sham marriages. Aggrieved parents will hire illegal bounty hunters to rescue their children and kill the perverts that stole their children. The most famous of these bounty hunters will eventually be discovered to have kept a harem of sexual slave children whom he had claimed were killed by the original kidnappers.

2) A group of billionaires will unleash a bio-engineered virus onto the unsuspecting public at large. The viruses will be used placed in contraceptives, condoms, and food concentrates fed to the starving all around the world. The virus will re-write the genetic structure of any infected human. It will make all humans immune to colds, flu and tooth decay. In addition, it will make almost any remaining diseases all but impossible to transmit. AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria will perish within a generation.

3) One of the consequences of the billionaire virus is that it becomes almost impossible for women to become pregnant. Third world people will be absolutely convinced this was aimed that them. Especially when it was discovered that the virus was used to impregnate food concentrates given to the poor. Hit squads will be sent out and each one of the billionaires will be tracked down and killed. No good deed goes unpunished.

4) Although the poor could no longer have children, the rich began birthing babies like there was no tomorrow. They had ready access to test tube baby technology which turned out to be the only reliable way to have children. The rich hired poor mothers as incubators and surrogates.

5) Since it was virtually impossible to get pregnant or transmit disease via sex, everyone started having sex with anyone, no questions asked at the drop of a hat.

6) Orthodox religious clerics hated the sin and the sinners. A group of violently inclined clerics band together and paid for the production of an engineered virus that would be transmitted via sodomy. Some unfortunates were kidnapped and given the disease. These particular clerics had a blind spot in their belief system. While they and their followers abstained from heterosexual sex outside of marriage, they secretly engaged in homosexual sodomy every chance they got. The disease spread quickly amongst the believers and killed every last one. It spread very slowly outside of the circle of believers since even the male prostitutes among them rarely had much to do with outsiders.

7) Obama wins re-election. His first act is to fulfill the promises made by Senator Obama. Senator Obama promised to make the price of electricity skyrocket. Obama institutes carbon trading brokerages and raises taxes on all domestic energy. Since everything from gasoline to toothpaste has a sudden, steep price rise, the faltering economy sputters and falls into deep recession. Thousands die when the power fails. There are energy and food riots. Obama blames the republicans. Apparently the republicans where breathing…or something. In any case Obama declares martial law. The United States is dissolved and the Union of Gay, Green and Marxist states is created. Everyone waits in line for everything and everyone is happy because we are all equally poor. Many of us die of exposure and hunger whilst waiting in line for the death panels to decide whether we live or die. Useless eaters are finally eliminated from our midst! Those who could not justify their existence were euthanized.

China embarks upon a large number of high energy experiments out in the desert. China achieves electrical and photonic energy densities never before seen on the planet earth. Some miniature black holes are created and harnessed as virtually limitless power sources.

A group of scientists sneak out into the desert in order to perform some forbidden work. They are trying to build a time machine. They don’t exactly know why they are doing this. The true reasons are:because they can and because they think it’s cool. The scientists fail to build a time machine but they do discover what looks like a mysterious source of limitless energy. It appears to be enough energy to provide all the energy needs of China.

At first this seems a very good thing. Until the aliens come. It seems that these scientists had actually opened a number of doors. Some of the doors were to other dimensions. Other doors where to other universes. Some things crawled in through these doors. Most of the things that crawled through were hyper dimensional and harmless because they were oblivious of us as we were of them. And then something came though which we still couldn’t see, but it could see us. It was not discovered until much later what it was and where it came from but in the beginning it was named anti-life. It was a group of creatures that seemed to have no life force of their own so they stole it from every living thing they encountered. Birds, trees, bacteria, humans. People died for no apparent reason. And wherever the anti-life creatures went they left behind an utterly sterile landscape devoid of life of any kind.

Scientists in India figured out how to detect the anti-life other dimensional beings and how to attract and control them. Life force was something the creatures consumed because it was readily available. It was the path of least resistance. What they really wanted was radiation. With right dosage of radiation, the creatures could be attracted, trapped and sent packing back to their own dimension.

In the mean time, the Chinese had figured out ways to harness the anti-life creatures to do work and to make the most sterile surfaces on the planet. The Chinese were not amused when Indian scientists began sending their labor force back from whence it came. They insisted that the nation of India stop stealing their extra dimensional labor for. India refused. China threatened nuclear war. India said bring it on. The anti-life beings sensing what was about to happen stop leaving. When the China detonated the first nuclear weapon the anti-life beings where on that bomb like white on rice. When India detonated some nukes they stole all that energy too. Having figured the nuclear thing out, the anti-life beings detonated every nuclear weapon on earth and sucked up all the energy and all the radiation. Then they made all the nuclear reactors on earth go critical and they sucked up all that radiation and energy and then they left.

The anti-life aliens where not without a sense of humor so they left a glowing, green smiley face on the surface of the moon. Some said the meaning of the smiley face was: So long and thanks for all the radiation. Humans had no way of knowing that the aliens where performing their version of compassion. A rough translation might be: We are coming for your sun next. A kinder translation might be: Get your affairs in order. When your sun goes, so do you. No hard feelings.

What the aliens did not know was that the Chinese had figured out how to keep them at bay. The aliens hated intense bursts of neutrinos. Seeing that they could no longer control their extra dimensional labor force, the Chinese shared their neutrino knowledge and the earth was bathed in “little neutral ones” forever more.


Future Fictional Predictions for 2012


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