Game Review: Assassins Creed: Revelations (XBOX 360)

I have been a long time fan of the Assassins Creed family of games; they have been some of the best games made for the Xbox 360. Generally, when new games come out I will rent them before buying due to the cost of the games. With the Assassins Creed games, they have always been good so I usually just make the purchase. Revelations was no exception and it was not a disappointment. They have progressed the series along nicely, staying within the plot, and yet keeping the game new and interesting.

The first thing that makes this game a great buy is the graphics. Every installment of Assassins Creed has featured stellar graphics and Revelations was again a beautiful game. The hook-blade was a fantastic addition to the arsenal of weapons that can be used. With the addition of the hook-blade, the battles were even better. It seems that Ubi Soft made the fighting system, which was already beyond compare, even better. I enjoyed all of the different finishing moves that were added into the battle sequences.

Unfortunately, as good as this game is there are some things that could have been done better. For me the most glaring mistake was the much shorter game time. The single player campaign was hacked down considerably from the first Assassins Creed games. I also missed the truth missions; I got a lot of enjoyment out of doing those missions and working those puzzles. From talking to others, I understand that many people found those missions difficult and wanted them omitted. What should have been done is to leave them in the game, as an optional side missions, that did not have a bearing on finishing the game.

Other than those couple of shortcomings, this is another great offering from Ubi Soft that I would recommend to anyone for purchase. The game has received so bad reviews so if you are undecided about the game you could rent it first. I believe that anyone that gets a little time with this game cannot help but enjoy themselves. If you have never played any of the Assassins Creed games get this one, get hooked, and then go get all the rest of the series. There is not better series of games for any gaming system.

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