Games Master Challenge Day Two: A True Crisis Has Arrived

Day Two of the Games Master Challenge started off a little rough; slow loading pages and an extremely frustrating mystery game almost got the best of me. Then I reminded myself, “if you can get to All-Star level in the Altador Cup, you can do this”.

The game to beat for Team Brawn is Volcano Run II. I played it for the game win and the five bonus challenges to win the following items: “Dual Duels Part Deux”, “Advanced Learning”, “Battle Eyrie Action Figure”, “Scroll of the Scholar” and “Club And Rock Game”. To win this part of the event you need to get a score of 134 or better and submit it. It took me a couple tries but I didn’t have a problem getting the six wins needed to get all of the prizes.

For the Mystery Challenge you are told “Altador Calls for Your Aid!” and you have to find out which game you need to play and get a score of 723 in. The game is Crisis Courier. I let out a loud groan when I saw that. My all time high score for it is 530. If you want an extra life type in “kingaltador” (no quotations). After I used the large screen (you pick that before you start playing the game) I had no problem getting part the required score. My prizes were: “Potted Cypress Tree”, “Genius Negg”, “Scroll of Knowledge”, “Golden Book of Spelling” and “Square Roots-n-More”.

This is the second day of the event; so far I have met and beat all of the daily challenges and bonus events. I only hope that the other games picked for Team Brawn are not unattainable.

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