Gaming Manager Jobs, Training, and Salary Details

A gaming manager oversees casino operations like blackjack and roulette and is also responsible for hiring and firing of the other casino employees. A combination of training through experience and education is best for a gaming-management career.

Those seeking to become managers should either come up through the ranks by becoming a dealer or other staff member or at least take some college classes. Some gaming managers may have only a high school degree, but such managers have generally spent a good deal of time coming up through the ranks to reach a management position. Several years spent as a dealer and then a gaming supervisor is typically necessary for those seeking to become a gaming manager without formal education.

For those who would like to get training through education instead of experience, there are a number of options that would increase the chance of getting a gaming-manager job. Some people prefer to major in hotel management or a similar major. Although not completely applicable to gaming management, hotel management would broaden a student’s prospects for future employment while also opening the door to a possible chance for a career as a gaming manager.

There are some college degree programs that are quite applicable to work as a manager in casinos. For example, the University of Massachusetts has a Certificate in Casino Management course. This certificate program requires only 5 courses to complete. Those holding such a certificate could at least increase the chance of starting as a gaming supervisor even if there are no manager positions available at that time.

For those looking for a more advanced education and job prospects, some colleges or schools have hospitality degrees. Some of these degrees even combine casino management with hospitality. An example is National University’s Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Casino Management.

Once trained or experienced in casino operations, jobs will still be tough to come by, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that there were only 3,230 gaming managers in May of 2010. However, there are far more gaming supervisors (about 23,000), so starting out at that level is also an option for a career in gaming management. Those who do make the manager level earn a nice median annual salary of close to $67,000. Supervisors also earn a decent salary, with the median average being about $48,000.

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