George Romero Returns with ‘Deadtime Stories Volume 2′

George A. Romero is best known for his “Night of the Living Dead” series of films. He’s the godfather of zombie movies for lack of a better way of putting it. Romero also seems to have a place in his heart for anthology films that play like old issues of EC comic books.

Romero has been involved in several different anthology films and TV shows over the years, including “Tales from the Darkside,” the “Creepshow” movies, and more recently “Deadtime Stories.” Now, he is heading up “Deadtime Stories Volume 2″ which features three new tales of terror for genre fans.

The first story is entitled “The Gorge.” It revolves around three friends who are trapped in a cave after an avalanche. How long will the three best friends survive in this nightmarish situation before they begin to turn on each other?

“On Sabbath Hill” is the title of the second tale. It tells of an attractive professor with a wandering eye who is a stickler for student attendance. After a female student commits suicide because of his wandering affections, his stern rules of attendance literally come back to haunt him.

Finally, “Dust” is the story of a space lab scientist who discovers that dust from the planet Mars might be a cure for cancer. A security guard whose wife is terminally ill steals a sample of the dust to try on her. At first, it seems as if a miracle has occurred, but things go terribly wrong very quick.

“Deadtime Stories Volume 2″ features three different directors working on the movie. Director Michael Fischa is known for films like “My Mom’s a Werewolf” and “Death Spa.” Jeff Monahan is an actor/writer/director who has worked on movies like the original “Deadtime Stories” “Two Evil Eyes,” and “The Dark Half.” Matt Walsh produced and directed portions of both “Deadtime Stories” movies. Romero has an appearance as the host of “Deadtime Stories Volume 2.”

For many years, it seemed as if the anthology film had lost its audience. With the release of the critically acclaimed “Trick ‘r Treat” in 2007, these types of movie seem like they’ve made a comeback. Most genre fans welcome them with open arms. Some would say it’s like getting three horror movies in one.

“George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Volume 2″ comes out on September 20. It’s being released through Millennium Films. You can see a trailer for the movie right here. The movie is rated R for violence, gore, and sexual situations.

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