Georgia Prison Riots Are Brought on by Gang Members’

A gang related riot in two separate Georgia prisons caused 15 inmates to become hospitalized. Telfair and Hancock Correctional Center is the beginning of many riots to come.

The week before Thanksgiving stirred a lot of problems with the prison officials. The cause of the riots was stated to be brought on from the use of illegal cell phones. But according to inside sources, everything is gang related. The gang members known as “The Goodfellas” has orchestrated not one but both of the riots, and plan on starting more throughout the Georgia prisons.

Telfair, according to an inmate from the Cooks Correctional Center, is the start of many to come. The use of the illegal cell phones is the way of communication between prisons to prison. “The state of Georgia can get ready,” states the inmate (who prefers not to state his name for safety reasons). “The riots are about to start like a domino affect”.

Pictures taken from an inmates cell phone shows the inside damage, and it also shows how the inmates does not care of any damages they are causing.

There have been no reports that any staff members’ are hurt from any of the two riots, but according to a couple of pictures you see different.

There has been no report on what the gang members are trying to accomplish from the riots, or if any demands has been made or what it will take for the riots to come to an end.

No information has been released on the condition on any of the injured inmates, all that is known, one inmate was stabbed in the leg from the Telfair riot.

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