Getting a Couch Through a Small Door

Moving a couch isn’t just back-breaking work. It can be mentally taxing if small doorways are involved. Getting a sofa from point A to point B might seem like a simple task until you attempt to move it through narrow halls and doors. The challenge becomes greater when the couch is large or overstuffed and the doorway measures only 31 inches wide, the smallest size for a residential door. In some cases, moving a sofa through a doorway is impossible, but in many cases ingenuity can make it happen. For the best couch-moving results, measure the door and couch width before trying to move the furniture.

Measure the height of the couch from the bottom of the leg to the highest point on the back. Use a measuring tape to determine how wide the side of the couch is too. Compare the width of the couch to the width of the door. If the door width is smaller than the couch width, you’ll need to tilt the couch to move it. If the door width is larger than the couch, you should be able to easily move it into the room.

Unscrew the door at the hinges using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Place the head of the screwdriver in each of the two door screws and wind out the screws. Move the door gently from the hinges. Set the door aside until the couch is moved through the doorway.

Remove the couch legs if they are detachable. Turn the legs left until they are removed. Set the legs aside until the couch is moved.

Ask someone to hold one end of the couch. Holding the opposite end, turn the couch toward the floor at a 45-degree angle. Turn the couch left or right while angling it according to the setup of the hallway.

Tell the other person holding the couch to walk backward, slowly, through the door. Ease the sofa through the door, while turning the couch. Stop and back up if the area is still too narrow.

Remove the door frame with a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer. Place the flat-head tip of the screwdriver under the wooden slat and tap it slightly with the hammer. Tap along the areas where the nails are located. Move the couch through the door, holding it at a 45-degree angle and turning it to the left as you enter the room. Do not remove the door frame unless the couch will not fit through without removing it.

Lay the couch on the floor gently at an angle, then reattach the legs. Position the couch, return the door frame to its place and hang the door.

Replace the door frame by tapping the boards back into place with a hammer. Use fresh nails if the nail holes have become loose. Reposition the door hinges over the hinges on the door case. Screw in each screw, securing the door into place.

Moving Tips

Cover the couch with plastic if you are concerned that the fabric will be damaged during the move. Hire a professional moving team to move the couch through a window if you can’t push the couch through the door. Sliding a couch through a tight door could result in ripping the fabric. Use caution when moving couches. People who are older or prone to back injuries can harm themselves if they are not careful.

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