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We all know that most times when we call a company number anymore we rarely ever get to speak to a real person. The number goes to an automated system and if you, as the consumer, pushes the wrong button or your choice is not there it is common to guess just to get a person, hopefully, Well, once you place a call to a customer service number and you reach a person, even if they are working in a call center it is possible to get great customer service and get your problem resolved. However, as a consumer, you will need to be prepared and follow these tips as to how to get the best service.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the person you are speaking to can help you and is able to resolve your issue. If they do not have any resolution authority, then you must ask to speak to a person who does have that authority. It is important to speak to a person that has that authority first so that you are not telling your story many times during a call. You can find customer service numbers, shortcuts, and tips for many companies, here. Take a look at it before you call!

Make sure you have a legitimate complaint and stay with the facts. Make sure that you are stating that you have a legitimate complaint and list the issues as you speak to the person on the other end of that line. Using words like, “These are the issues” will help. Do not let them interrupt you until you have listed your complaint. Refer to any documents that you have concerning the matter, even if it is a receipt number, bill , or just a cashiers’ name. It is important to know what you are wanting and why you are wanting it.

Having the information that you need to resolve your complaint means that you may need to do some homework and keep detailed records. Include all names, dates, phone numbers, id information, results of any communication of any forms that you have used to resolve the issue in the store or at a local level before you have called this number to resolve the issue. Many companies will not do anything for you if you have not tried to solve the problem with a store manager or local contact first.

Be nice and tactful! Remember that the person that you are speaking to is a human being with feelings too. I think that it is easy to forget that they are a person just like you. It is understandable to be upset if this issue has been going on for sometime, but keep your emotions in tact and do not blame the person on the phone as they are trying to help. Keep your emotions from taking over and listen to the other person as well.

Make sure that you know what they are offering and that you are accepting that as the resolution. Make sure that you get something in writing as to the fact that the problem is taken care of. Many of these customer service numbers can lead to someone who offers you a solution that the company won’t accept. Get it in writing with their signature, so that you have someone to go to if a problem exists with their offer.

Social media and the Better Business Bureau can both be of a great help in dealing with an unresolved issue. The Better Business Bereau is there to help you. Dispute resolution is part of what they are useful for and there is usually no charge for that. Consumers do have rights and they know what they are. Also, a company will usually not want to have a bad experience with them. Also, social media can be an asset if you just can’t seem to make a resolution. I would recommend that you see if you can find their Facebook page orTwitter page and post your complaint there. Many people may see that and they may not want the bad public image and will offer you a resolution. Just be sure that you are discreet about the post there as you do not want this to turn to an ugly discussion with someone.

J.D. Powers Surveys will often show the best customer service companies in each field and it would be helpful to deal with those companies when shopping as you know that they will resolve the issues fairly and quickly. Recently Indianapolis Airport earned a number three spot in the travel division of this survey, so anyone traveling through that airport knows that service should be good. Doing our homework on companies that we deal with before there is an issue can be a great asset to our shopping experience.

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