Ghostly Haunt

So like I hear there is this story going around and like it’s so not true. I should know it is about me after all. I was the prom queen you know and like I had it all, until that god awful night. No I didn’t do anything against myself with a guy. Rather, I was cut down before like I could go to like college, or whatever. So I am not as smart as the one who killed me, but maybe you can find her. See, I was so beautiful and she was so not. What do you expect me to say? I was everything every girl wants to be, I am so funny and like the best boyfriend ever. Then a new girl comes to town and everything I had, she took including my life. Like you had to kill me? So anyways, this girl tried to be me and did a good job, after all she had killed me before anyone knew what happened. So like she pretended to be me and no one knew I was so dead. Even my boyfriend, and he should have known. Like now three years later, the cops like find me and then it is like too late. So not cool because the girl was already on the way to kill another girl and she thought she would get away but like being a ghost, I can like so haunt her and make her so whats that word? Oh yea suspicious because I will so do stuff so people keep looking at her.

Now like a whole ten years later she is in jail all because I made her life hell. I followed her around and threw stuff on the ground and like now I guess I can rest but how did the cops catch her? Well, they found out that right after she had showed up in town, I went missing even though I tried to tell them. So like I can say being a ghost is fun but I am so done being pale and floaty like. Goodbye, Marysea.

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