Gifts for Your Russian Bride

Let’s talk on the subject of Russian and Ukrainian women and gifts.

Russian and Ukrainian women adore gifts. Many Western men are of the thinking that these Russian brides just expect a western guy to bring gifts because they may have some money, this is not the case! There is a tradition in countries of Former Soviet Union to bring flowers and chocolates to the first date with a woman. You will see in most Russian cities an abundance of flower stalls all over the city streets and often men walking with a single rose or bunch of flowers. It is a well-known fact that Russian men like to shower their women with flowers and gifts we even call the first period in every relationship “flowers and candies period”. That’s why if you want to impress your future soul mate from Russia or Ukraine don’t forget to send her flowers and chocolates after or before your first date.

It is a common tradition in Russia and Ukraine to always present your lady an odd number of flowers. If you present your lady with an even amount of flowers she may take to offence, as an even amount of flowers is what is usually presented at a funeral. It is why many men decide to just present their women with a single large rose.

To many Western men the idea of presenting many gifts to their Ukrainian or Russian women may seem strange, and often one may think they are just using you to buy them gifts, but as I explained earlier, this is not the case, they have become accustomed to it from men in their own country, they do not need to search for a foreign man just for gifts.

Russian and Ukrainian women adore many different gifts including jewellery, clothes, earrings, fur coats and boots. However best and most universal gift you can give to any women is perfume. It is always better to ask your Russian women her favourite choice of perfume and you can be sure she will be happy to receive this gift from you, but a gift is not all she wants, she will want your love and devotion. If you are sincere in your searches for Russian brides join us now on the leading International Russian dating site.

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