Give the Gift of Good Luck

Giving the gift of good luck is fun and brings good luck. Who doesn’t need a little good luck these days?

Rabbit Foot Key Chain

When I was growing up I loved my rabbit foot key chain. It stood for good luck and was soft to the touch. Rabbit foot key chains are available in a variety of colors such as green and pink. Rabbit foot key chains are also available in natural colors. They are soft to the touch just like mink coats, only they cost a fraction of the price. A key chain will cost you about $10 for a set of four.

Good Luck Charms

Good luck charms go on bracelets and are a fun gift that can be added to over time. Charm bracelets can be great gifts for adults and children alike. When adding to charm bracelets, many charms are available such as horseshoes, angels and clovers. When shopping for the perfect charm bracelet as a gift for a special occasion, choose one in 14K gold or 14K white gold.

Four-Leaf Clovers

Find four-leaf clovers and give them as gifts. To preserve four-leaf clovers, you must press and store the clovers properly. To dry them, use paper such as printer paper that is unglazed. I do not recommend using newspaper as some of the ink may rub off onto the clovers. Stack several layers of paper together and place clovers over the top being sure they do not overlap. The next step is to cover the clovers with several more layers of paper. Place a heavy object such as a book over the top layers of paper and allow to dry for several days. Upon removing the clovers keep them away from sunlight and moisture.

Once the four-leaf clovers are dry, you may choose to laminate them or place in a jewelry box.

When looking for four-leaf clover gifts try Lucky-Four-Leaf-Clover. Gifts include necklaces with four-leaf clover pendants, lucky clover growing kits (I want one of these), musical four-leaf clover waterglobes and much more.

Good Luck Horseshoe

Horse lovers will enjoy receiving a 14K gold plated lucky horseshoe. The 14K gold plated lucky horseshoe can be engraved with a personal message. The lucky horseshoe is also available in natural gray. When wanting more color choices for a lucky horseshoe gift they are available in pink, natural, gold, white, and red. When looking for a good luck horseshoe that shimmers and shines try the sterling silver horseshoe ring.

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