Giving Honor to Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy probably have faced more negative comments lesser than the positive comments he receives, from his way of dealing with artists and royalties over he years. But, he does deserve honor and respect for bringing so much talent to the musical scope of music.

Yes, there’s a great chance that David Ruffin, Smokey Robinson, Mary Wells and many others, of the fame label would have found success somewhere. Your determination determine your ability to succeed in the field you adore. But, their chances, of still being worship and admired fifty years later probably wouldn’t have been to this level like it is. Probably, a foot note of sixties music history.

All the employees employed, by Berry Gordy to find and locate talent only enhanced Berry Gordy visionary ability to notice people good enough to be recognized. Without Gordy determination to personally succeed in hs field of choice. Which was music. Would Smokey Robinson still be noted, as one of the greatest lyicist/composer to emerged, from the company that claimed the title “Sound of Young America” during the sixties.

Every act signed to Motown would have been successful other places probably. But, when you mention Motown to many fans. You’ll find that they can, at least name certain acts that comes quickly to mind that made he sixties and seventies a great time to contribute to music.

Visit Berry Gord connection to Jackie Wilson and you’ll realize that after all these years that Wilson’s career rose with the writing of Roquel Davis and Gwen Gordy along with Berry Gordy. Which impressed Gordy to model many recording of Eddie Holland, as a solo singer in the same fashion. What Berry Gordy truly did greatly was offer opportunity for young writers and producers o share their skills to the world? Simlar in ways that the Chess Brothers of Chess Records gave oppportunity to blues singers to be in the producer chair.

Take in the fact that all the great compositions, of the Motown’s writers and the acts that still listen to around the world. That the odds are highly that many wouldn’t have seen ths attention, from bigger corporation. Yes, there was black own companies in the record business before Gordy.But, with his success in the field. He gave vision to Curtis Mayfield to start Curtom, Mayfield record label. He show Holland/Dozier/Holland that they could craft Invictus/Hotwax label, as owners. One thing that this trio took, from being connected to Berry Gordy when they left his company. Was giving opportunity to unknown writers that contributed greatly to their company during their existence?

Even, the most creative force to leave the company Norman Whtfield started Whitfield Records and offer opportunity to others. So, all the owners of record labels still is trying to understand, why they have fail to equal Motown? And, it’s simple. They don’t have the vision tat Berry Gordy did when he started his firm.

They have talent on their label. But honestly they don’t have the longevity to be around decades, from now. None have had acts contribute greatly to their company. Berry Gordy has inspired many and probably very unaware of it. He knows a few. But, there’s more than he will ever be aware of.

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