Glazed Metal Necklaces

Go get your nicest chain – one without a pendant already on it – because you’ll need it for a beautiful necklace craft. This project requires a small piece of insignificant metal yet turns that piece into a gorgeous necklace you’ll be proud to wear – or give as a gift. Since you’re going to bother to make even one of the unusual yet striking necklaces, go ahead and make more than one; everyone you know will end up wanting one.

A metal tag, like one often seen hanging on a dog collar, can quickly become a glazed metal necklace that looks store-bought. If you have no such tag, they are not expensive, and they come in a variety of colors. The tag doesn’t absolutely have to be one made for a pet collar; you’ll find many such metallic pieces at a large home improvement store. The only requirement is that the metal piece you use has a hole for attaching a chain link. With that in mind, even a key can become the new necklace. Look around at other metal pieces and you’ll find dog tags, flat circles, squares and diamonds, donut-shaped pieces, and much more.

Even if there is something already printed on the tag you can easily cover it. Just choose a sticker or a decal from a craft store – they have a huge variety – and place it on the front side of the metal piece. The sticker you choose can be one with floral images, a single number or letter, a monogram, a picture of a pet, or another choice.

To create a necklace that’s really personalized, use your print program to shrink a photo from your latest vacation, a picture of your family, or another choice. Apply this paper picture to the metal with white glue.

Use enameling resin to create a glaze over the metal – as well as the decal – to create the look of clear glass. You’ll find the resin at most any craft store and you can also order it online. The resin is easy to use. Just sprinkle it on and follow the package instructions to finish.

Slide a metal link into the finished pendant and use it to attach it to the chosen chain. You’ll wear the necklace often because it’s so beautiful and unique. Prepare to get lots of compliments and be ready to tell everyone who asks that you made it yourself.
Metal Tag Necklace

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