Glenn Beck Lecture Inspires the Ohio Right to Life Society

Glenn Beck brought his wit and wisdom to the annual meeting of the Ohio Right to Life Society in Columbus and left to a standing ovation. Mixing his usual themes of God, Country and support for Israel with an underlying foundation regarding the sanctity of life; Beck easily won the adulation of his audience. Hosting a mixture of right to life advocates and Glenn Beck admirers the event provided an ideal venue for Beck to testify to his core beliefs.

Beck garnered his biggest applause of the evening by sharing his personal experience of fathering a child born with cerebral palsy. He relating what doctors had told him regarding the exceedingly poor quality of life that could be expected for his newborn daughter. Beck then linked that experience to the value of every human life by conveying a recent conversation with that same daughter telling him she would graduate from college this spring with a “B” average.

Beck extended the value of life premise to question Occupy Wall Street’s socialist agenda, emphasizing the importance of the individual as opposed to the “society as a collective view.” He urged Americans everywhere to adopt a stance for individual freedom and to remember that as a nation we must choose to “accept responsibility for our individual actions.” He expressed his view that as a people we inherently know right from wrong and that when presented with the choice we will choose to stand on the side of good and oppose evil. He closed by proclaiming “now is the time for action” and challenging his fellow citizens to “get up off the couch” and “stand for something;” invoking Abraham Lincoln by imploring that our actions should express “malice towards none and charity towards all.”

It is possible that the only disappointment experienced by the event’s organizers was a less than full house. Attendance at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium appeared to be approximately 50-60% of capacity. Possibly indicative of Ohio’s still struggling economy; ticket prices originally set at $40 to $60 had been reduced to $25-$30.

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