God and the Internet

The connection between God and the internet is more of an analogy, in that the internet operates in a manner similar to my perception of how God functions. The internet is impartial, accepting and does not judge what it contains. It views all that it contains as the same, ones and zeroes. There is no sense of good or evil, merely ones and zeroes. That is how I see God. Holding all within ITS embrace equally, loving all creation without any condition or judgment.

The information on the internet is available to all who have access to a computer, but not all can obtain all of information. It takes a certain level of skill to penetrate the secrets of the internet. One must first know what they want to know, then where to look for that knowledge. It is the same with God. One must know, or at least accept that God exists, and has knowledge to share with everyone. This knowledge is not arcane, but one has to accept that it can be obtained, and then find methods to get to it. One method many folks use is meditation, another is prayer. As with a good search engine, access is available with the proper keys. There are also keys to meditation and silence is the most important of these keys. Once a person gets to the state of silence and stillness, then the unlimited knowledge of God is available and can be obtained.

Then there is the matter of judgment. The internet does not discriminate between the values of its contents. No, so called ‘pornography’ and religious material sit side by side awaiting the user. The choice is always with the user of the internet. So it is with God. The choice to seek God by whatever name IT is called is incumbent upon the user. The users being those who have bodies and can think, believe and accept the notion that there is a God. Contrary to religious dogma, God is not peeved if IT is not sought; nor does God gets bent out of shape of ITS existence is denied. It accepts and allows any and all to have intercourse or not to do so, as they choose. That I do believe is called unconditional love.

There are subtle differences between God and the internet. One such is no password is needed to contact God. I know religious teachings would suggest that particular names or mantras are needed to make the connection with God. But it is my experience that no particular name, mantra, word, chant, scriptures or religious leaders are required by God. If like the internet we are connected to God, we simply have to turn in the direction of our connection to contact God. The language of that contact is the contactor’s alone and does not have to meet the requirement of anyone outside of that person. This also is a difference between God and the internet.

Here’s my suggestion. If you are curious about the internet log on and experience it for yourself. If you are interested in God, plug into nature, the silence, a religious ceremony or whatever suits your fancy as the ideal means for you to contact God. I myself will continue to contact both the internet and God, as both contacts enhance my life’s experience and fulfill my expectations.

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