God is Calling

God is calling us to come closer. It is as though the Father/Mother/God is saying “come here child, rest within my arms. The struggles you have chosen are not real. I have, here in my arms, comfort for you, wholeness for you, blessings for you, abundance for you, and only you. I have all my children’s desires right here in my arms. Come and get it. Yours are yours, and no one else may have it; because it is uniquely crafted for you and only you. Won’t you come now and rest in the pleasure of my company? Won’t you simply allow me to pour out through you the delights of my kingdom? I long so for your sacred company. I so desire for you to remember who you are and who I am. Come, please come. I await you now!

What could you desire that is not of and from me? It takes but a moment to bring total recall to your mind. That bright moment when you remember is this one. Linger not in the sleep of earth. I await ever so eagerly your home coming. I Desire you to remember, so that our fulfillment can begin. That filling out of your Holy purpose is eternal. The prophet spoke with wisdom when he said ‘eye hath not seen, nor ear heard the things that I have prepared for you.’ Come quickly, come now and experience all of your holy self.

“You can depend on me, you know. You can trust me with every part of your life. I’ve fashioned the perfect life for you and only you. Each part of me has such a life. Won’t you come and experience a taste of all I have in store for you. It is so very sweet, the joys and graces I have in store for you. Taste and be satisfied with my blessings. Those yearnings you shove aside as being from the ego are from me! Though imperfectly translated, they hold the kernel of my love seeking expression in and through you. Come my beloved, come and be the all of you. You are my peace, my love, my wisdom, my joy in physical expression. I desire for you the highest and the best; all of which are right here in my arms. Come, come now.”

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