Going Natural: Finding the Right Products for Your Hair

When I went from relaxed to natural two years ago I took the easy way out and did the big chop. I cut my hair down to half an inch and was happy. Now, I am committing to letting my hair grow. Since I’ve done this I noticed that the same products which worked when I was shorter and relaxed no longer worked for my longer natural hair. After a lot of research I finally found products that work for my hair, but it wasn’t easy or cheap. Here are tips you can use to help you find the right products for your hair.

Find a Hair Twin

This tip comes from deNaturalistas blog. What these ladies suggest is to find a person who has the same hair type or similar hair type as you do. In other words, your hair twin. If this person has a set range of products they use and you like the way their hair looks, then purchase those same products.

Two warnings about following a hair twin.

Many people look to natural hair care vloggers on YouTube to find their twin. Be careful that the vlogger is not consistent with the products she uses. Chances are the vlogger could be sponsored by a particular brand and may not actually use the products. So view their entire library of vlogs first. Ask your hair twin how they use the products. Often times you will find that your hair twin might not use the products as directed on the package.

Trial and Error with Free Samples

If don’t want to find a hair twin then collect as many free samples of different products as possible. You can get free samples from beauty counter counters, brand websites, hair parties or events that cater to natural hair care. If you shop at a beauty retailer like Sephora that offers free samples, then select hair product samples to try out.

The Hard Way

This way to determine which products will work best for your hair still involves a bit of trial and error but it may yield better results. Analyze your hair to find out what type it is. This includes knowing what curly type it is, your hair density, hair elasticity and hair porosity. Knowing your hair will make it easier to figure out which products will work better. This is because certain ingredients in products address specific needs in the hair.

My Hair Type

If you choose to find a hair twin, then allow me to reveal my hair type. My hair is a combination of 4a and 4c coils. This means that there is a lot of shrinkage and as your hair grows it will feel very dense. My hair is strong with a lot of elasticity. Also, my hair is thick with low porosity. Low porosity means that it is harder for moisture to enter the hair shaft, but once in, it is also hard for moisture to escape. My hair needs products that soften and penetrate my hair to add moisture and curl definition.

Products I Use

My hair responds very well to the following products:

From Carol’s Daughter – Olive Oil Infusion, Tui Herbal Shampoo, Tui hair Smoothie, Hair Milk Light and Some of Marguerites Magic. Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a scalp moisturizer and sealant. As a sealant, I mist my hair with water and pour a little oil into my palm, rub my hands together and smooth the oil over my hair concentrating on the ends. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding. I use this product as setting cream when I do a roller set or wear a protective style. Avon Lotus Shield for when I thermally straighten may hair. It keeps my hair straight between shampoos.

Whether you choose to find a hair twin, go strictly by trial and error or do some research to find the best products for you, does not matter. Just find products that your hair will respond well to. If you have hair similar to mine, feel free to try the products I use on my hair. If you have been natural for a while, share your hair type and the products your hair responds to in the comments below.

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