Golden Standard

” Golden Standard “

I’m far from perfect
They call me obsolete

Yet I’m poetry
in motion
stop motion
out of control

My progress is in regression
I call it neo evolution.
The truth it out, here’s the solution

Self-less self indulgence.

I’m arrogant
and foolish
A dying breed of confidence
So build a bridge
and get over it.

Because labels are relative.

Inside, it’s a quiet rebellion.
I’m a silent night hellion.
An insecure conclusion
with many exclusions

Indecisive by design
there is no direction
but our love needs no

No chains or boundaries
we go where the wind may take us
You ride the lighten
and snuff out the riots
you’re the ninety-eight
while I’m struggling
with that two percent

for all my faults
you put me back together.
And that obsolescent
becomes the new golden standard.

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