” Hey Goldie, table six is asking for you,” the bartender told the tall, blonde woman coming off of the stage. She looked towards the table and saw three men sitting there, as she neared she saw the emblem on the back of their vests of a bear dressed like a biker holding guns in each hand. Goldie knew from the logo that these men were from the Bears the most vicious motorcycle gang in this once thriving city everyone refers to as Hell.

” Which one of you lucky guys is first?” Goldie asked the bikers in a sultry voice. The three men were intimidating, which is why Goldie usually stayed away from the tables with bikers but in the this rundown part of town you danced for whoever had the money to pay for it. The biker to her right looked at her and licked his lips sending a cold shiver down her spine.

” I am,” said the biker in front of her. As he got up Goldie saw he was a bit overweight with a thick grey beard. When he smiled she could see his teeth were gone or rotted out, the name on the front of his vest said Pops. Pops grabbed Goldie’s wrist and started dragging her towards the back rooms used for private dances behind the stage. “You are going to earn your money tonight with me and the boys, bitch.” He whipped Goldie through the door and across the room. “Now dance for me.”

Goldie put some music on and began to sway to it. She walked over to the pole in the middle of the room and danced around it. She grabbed the pole raising, her legs over her head twisting them around the pole, and letting go with her hands, causing her to dangle down the pole. She put her hands over her head onto the floor, untwisted her legs, and put her feet on the ground. She stood straight up and turned her head to look at Pops who had his pants down around his ankles sitting in a chair.

Goldie stopped looking at the old man masturbating in the chair and continued to dance. What a fucking way to make a living, she thought. She heard Pops get up from the chair and start shuffling towards her, without looking back she knew he still had his pants down with his dick in one hand. She turned her head back to see where he was noticing that he was a few feet behind her and in the hand that wasn’t holding his manhood he held a knife. This isn’t going to be good, Goldie thought. She grabbed onto the pole and swung herself around planting her feet into Pops chest.

The shock of the hit from Goldie caused Pops to drop the knife and stumble back a few steps. Goldie ran towards the door hoping to get out while Pops was unsteady on his feet. As she got to the door and reached for the door knob she heard the click of a guns hammer behind her. “I have a deal for you bitch, if you step away from the door I will not put a bullet in your fucking head,” Pops growled at her. Goldie stopped, turning to face Pops who had pulled up his pants and was walking over to her. He stopped in front of her and slapped her in the face with enough force to make her fall to the ground. “Why did you do that you fucking whore, I was just going to rub it in your face and maybe poke you in the eye with it. Now you are going to get that and a lot more,” Pops walked to the door still pointing the gun at Goldie who is now on her knees, when he opened the door Pops waved the other two guys over.

As they walked through the door Pops introduced them, “This one here is Pee Wee but don’t let his name fool you because he will rip you in half,” he pointed to the one who had licked his lips earlier, “and this is Junior.” he said pointing to other one who had a handlebar mustache and a couple gold teeth. These two men were not as overweight as Pops. Pee Wee looked at her and licked his lips again which made Goldie almost as nervous as his tall, muscular frame. Junior on the other hand looked like a miniature version of Pops but with dark hair.

Junior walked to Goldie and grabbed her by the hair, lowering his mouth to her ear, “Fucking whore, we are going to fuck you 12 different ways and if you are lucky we will keep you alive and take you home with us to use later.” He grabbed her wrists, pulled her towards the stripper pole and handcuffed her hands around it.

” Pee Wee tie up her feet and lock the door so no one can get in,” Pops told him.

” Tie them with what?” Pee Wee asked.

” Use your belt retard. Are you that stupid? Do I need to tell you how to tie them also?” Pops inquired.

” My pants will fall off if I use my belt I ca-,” Pee Wee started.

” You fucking brain dead moron in about 2 minutes you are going to be balls deep in one of her holes, you aren’t going to need your fucking belt.” Pops said.

Pee Wee took off his belt and tied Goldie’s ankles up with it. Goldie started screaming, Junior back handed her shocking her enough to keep her quiet for a few seconds before resuming her screams. “Bitch, shut up or I will kill you now and fuck your corpse,” Junior told her. Goldie’s screams turned to sobs as she tried to quiet herself.

Pops got down on his knees by Goldie’s head and pressed the gun to her temple, “So whats going to happen as you are going to give me and the boys here a good time or you will not live to tell about the night you satisfied 3 men with your whore body,” Pops undid his pants, “Now open your mouth like a good little girl or I am going to get mean,” Pops grinned at her.

Goldie clamped her mouth tighter knowing Pops planned on violating her mouth. There is no fucking way he is going to put that shit in my mouth, I will bite it off she thought. Pops looked at Junior who had his pants off and was kneeling beside Goldie’s waist and nodded his head. Junior lifted up her legs, removed her underwear and moved slowly behind her.

” Are you ready for this bitch?” Junior asked as he thrust himself into her ass. Goldie screamed tears running down her face.

” I told you to stop screaming,” yelled Pee Wee as Pops entered her mouth. Pee Wee took Pops gun from his hand and pointed it at Goldie, “Now remember don’t do anything stupid.” Pee Wee walked out of the room, returning a couple minutes later dragging a table in with him. After closing the door and re-locking it he moved the table closer to Goldie. “Pick her up so we can put her on the table.”

Without leaving the orifices they were violating Pops and Junior lifted a crying Goldie up so Pee Wee could slide the table under her. “Now where can I get in on the fun?” Pee Wee asked rhetorically.

” There’s another hole down here by me,” Junior said.

” You sick faggot I don’t want our dicks touching. What the f-” Pee Wee started.

” Climb on the fucking table and play with her tits asshole.” Pops said angrily.

Pee Wee took Pops knife and cut Goldie’s top revealing her breasts. He handed back the knife, which Pops dropped on the floor, pulled down his pants and climbed up on the table sliding himself back and forth between Goldie’s orbs. Pee Wees movement however proved to be too much for the table which broke sending everyone falling to the floor.

” HELP! SOMEONE FUCKING HELP!” Goldie bellowed as loud as she could after having the wind knocked out of her when Pee Wee landed on her.

” Shut up you fucking bitch,” Pops hissed. He grabbed Goldie by the hair and lifted her head up, “we don’t want anyone to get hurt do we?”

” What is going on in there?” came the bartenders voice through the door followed by some pounding.

” Tell him nothing or he is dead,” Pops said.

” They have gu-,” Goldie started when she heard the gun go off beside her and saw bullet holes appear in the doorway. After the shots are heard there was momentary silence before the thud of the bartenders body hit the ground.

” I hope you are happy, you just got him killed and anyone else we find out there,” Pops said pulling up his boxers but leaving his pants on the floor. “Come on you fools lets clear the rest of the assholes out.” Pops walked out the door followed by Pee Wee and Junior pulling up their pants.

After they left Goldie moved around a little so she could get her hands on Pops pants to search for the handcuff key. As she looked for the key she kept glancing at the door to see if they were coming back but all she heard was gunshots and shouting, so she continued the search of the pants.

After a minute of searching she pulled the key out of the back pocket of the pair of trousers and unlocked the handcuffs. She picked up the knife Pops had dropped and cut the belt that was binding her feet together. She grabbed her underwear and slid them on then slowly made her way to her feet. She was a bit unsteady but she walked behind the door and peered out one of the bullet holes. She saw Pee Wee and Junior drinking bottles of beer while Pops took a swig out of a bottle of whiskey pointing a gun at a few scared patrons. The rest of the room was empty with the exception of a few bodies lying motionless on the floor.

What can I do they are blocking the only way out, and I imagine soon they will be bored out there and come back for me, she thought. Goldie looked around and saw the ceiling. Hmmm, if I can get up into the rafters maybe I can make my way to Lester’s office he keeps a gun in there. Thinking of the now dead Lester laying on the floor outside the door dead because of her gave her a new resolve. These assholes are going to die for what they did to me and the people out there.

Goldie went to the chair in the room and stood on the arms of it, she pushed the ceiling tile up sliding it to the side a little bit. She looked at the rafters and saw some beams going across just a few inches higher than the ceiling. Perhaps if I jump and grab them I can pull myself up, she thought. Goldie jumped and tried to grab the beam but fell back down onto the chair tipping it over.

” What the hell was that?” she heard Pops voice say, “Junior go check it out.”

Junior walked back to the room and saw Goldie cowering in the corner, “It’s nothing Pops, I will be back out in a minute,” he shut the door behind him. “Well bitch, I am not sure how you got free but you are going to pay for it.” Junior pulled his dick from his pants and walked closer to Goldie. She clasped the handle of the knife a little tighter as he got closer to her, when Junior was a foot away he saw the knife which had been out of his view and he began to raise the gun in his hand but not fast enough as Goldie plunged the blade up through his scrotum until it was buried in his body. Junior screamed in pain and dropped the gun, Goldie picked it up firing two shots into Juniors forehead.

” What the fuck- go check it out,” Pops said to Pee Wee.

Goldie pulled the blade out of Juniors scrotum and hid to the side of the door waiting for Pee Wee come in as he was ordered to by Pops. Through a crack in the wall she saw Pee Wee stop at the door and put his eye to one of the holes. “Um, Pops-” Pee Wee started.

” What do you want?” Pops bellowed and looked towards the door where he saw the lifeless body of Pee Wee slump to the floor. Pops started shooting at the door after a few rounds the gun was empty and he began to reload.

” Don’t bother asshole,” Goldie said coming out of the room pointing Juniors gun at him.

Pops looked up from his gun, “You don’t dare shoot me you fucking bitch. Do you know whats going to happen? I am going to fuck your mouth and get your pretty red lipstick all over my cock then I will gut you like the pig you are.”

Goldie fired a shot hitting Pops in the arm causing him to drop his gun. “Do you want to know what’s going to happen fat fuck? I am going to leave you alive but if you ever come near me or harm another woman again I will kill you like I killed your friends,” Goldie walked over to Pops and kicked him in the groin causing him to fall to his knees.

She placed the gun to his head, “You said you weren’t going to kill me,” Pops cried.

” I lied. Hakuna Matata motherfucker.” Goldie pulled the trigger and all there was, was a click of an empty gun, “Luck is with you today.” She pulled the knife from the waistband of her underwear and sunk it into Pops rib cage. She lowered her head to his ear and whispered, “And the color isn’t red, it’s scarlet.” She stood up withdrawing the knife and walked out of the bar.

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