Gordon Ramsay is King of Reality Television

In early 2012, Gordon Ramsay is currently filming his fourth reality series, “Hotel Hell” on Fox. The show centers on Ramsay working to fix hotels in dire straits. Surprisingly, this will be the first Ramsay show that doesn’t center on cooking. But with four active shows on the same network, some people may feel that there is a little too much Ramsay on television. But in the grand scheme of reality shows, Ramsay continues to offer the best material. Even with four shows going at once, he still represents the best in reality television.

The new show for Ramsay won’t flop. First of all, his other shows are still huge hits. The ninth season premiere of “Hell’s Kitchen” marked the highest ratings for the show. It is coming back for a 10th season. “MasterChef” is returning for a third season after finishing a stronger second season. Meanwhile, the long running “Kitchen Nightmares” is still drawing audiences on Friday nights. Basically, there is a reason that the network keeps exploring Ramsay shows. They are huge hits. He wouldn’t be getting a fourth network show if people thought things were getting stale. Love him or hate him, Ramsay is a hit.

Secondly, Ramsay shows all have very different feels. “Hell’s Kitchen” and “MasterChef” are two drastically different competition shows. “Hell’s Kitchen” sees Ramsay yelling and screaming as varying degrees of experienced cooks try to win the job of running a restaurant. In “MasterChef,” we see a much more laid back Ramsay along with two other judges. This show focus more on cooking and less on the leadership qualities needed to run a restaurant. “Kitchen Nightmares” is not a competition show at all. It is a show where Ramsay heals both restaurants and relationships that are struggling. There isn’t a therapist around that does as much work as Ramsay does in this show.

The hotel show promises to be his most unique yet. While cooking will probably be a small part of it, this show will let viewers see Ramsay in an entirely new light. Instead for fixing menus and inspecting kitchens, he will be helping with all facets of running a hotel. From hospitality to facilities, Ramsay will be doing a variety of different things that will no doubt keep viewers entertained. The smart money says this will be a hit just like his other shows. It will have originality, entertainment, and production value. It will also have Ramsay and that is enough for most viewers.

There will be some people that tire of Ramsay. But at the end of the day he knows how to brand himself. He knows how to keep his shows both valuable and entertaining. In a world where so many reality shows either flop immediately or grow stale after a season or two, Ramsay keeps doing things right. He continues to do what a lot of others can’t in the reality world and that is stay relevant. Here’s hoping his next show is just as good as all of his other ones.

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