Great Christmas Presents for Traveling Business People

It’s always hard to find great Christmas presents for anyone, but even more so with our business executives who are always traveling. My boyfriend falls into the category of traveling business people along with a few close relatives. Over the years I’ve noticed that regardless of why a person is traveling, they become bored easily, restless, and uncomfortable. Here’s a list of presents that I’ve given out that have been a hit with all the travelers in my life.

Portable DVD Player: This is a big one. Not only can your traveler watch movies on the plane or in the airport, but it also comes in handy when they travel outside the US. I got my boyfriend one for his birthday and he was ecstatic because recently he traveled to Canada where he says the “TV Sucks”. The DVD player came with cords and a remote so that you can hook it up to a TV and watch your movies on a bigger screen, like in the hotel.

DS Gaming System by Nintendo: I know it sounds like it’s for a kid and generally they are but adults love to play games too. There are all sorts of games that are made for adults, from war games to mind teaser puzzles. Nintendo really outdoes itself with this little piece of technology, it can make the time fly by.

IPod or MP3 Player: An IPod or MP3 player is such a great investment for travelers. With this amazing technology you can listen to music anywhere anytime at the touch of a button. Drowning out that crying baby in the seat in front of you without having to dig out a CD and a player is the closest thing to a God Send a traveler can find.

Travel Pillow: Now I’m not talking about the ones that are just a smaller version of a regular pillow….I’m talking about the ones that wrap around your neck for support and comfort. These little pillows can come in handy especially when you find yourself stuck in the middle seat with two strangers and you’re dead tired. No one wants to fall over onto the shoulder of the stranger sitting next to them, and these unique little pillows help support your head. This way you won’t wake up tipped over into your own lap with a terrible neck ache.

Travel Containers: Travel containers are super handy particularly when your traveler is only taking a carry-on bag. The containers are empty for you to put your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or lotion in. If your traveler is taking a carry-on only, be sure to get no bigger than a 3oz travel container. The airlines permit up to 3oz. of each fluid you’re carrying.

Travel Kit for Men: Some stores like Wal-Mart carry a travel kit that includes a deodorant, razor, shaving cream, and body wash. According to the package the contents are all carry-on standards. If the traveling business person is a man who does a lot of short trips and just takes a carry-on this would be ideal.

Shoe Bags: Nobody wants their dirty shoes touching your nice clean clothes. With shoe bags you can put your shoes anywhere in your bag and not have to worry about how clean they are or what they’re next to.

Carry-on Bags: It is sometimes difficult to find the right kind of carry-on bag. Most airlines allow two carry-on bags per customer. If your traveler goes on short flights and takes all their belongings in a carry-on be sure to get them a rolling bag instead of a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap bags put a lot of pressure on your back and shoulders. Depending on the weight of the bag and how much carrying your traveler is doing it could actually burst some blood vessels. Rolling bags eliminate the pain of carrying a heavy bag but could force your traveler to carry two bags instead of one. Airlines do not allow rolling carry-on bags under the seat because they are too big. If you do choose to invest in a rolling carry-on be sure to also get a small backpack, briefcase, or duffel bag for your traveler to store their goodies under the seat.

Camera: Yes they may be traveling but trust me your business traveler will still get to see some of the sights. If you pack them with a camera you can both enjoy the sights of a new and interesting place and feel almost like you were there with them.

Upgrade to an Android: Androids are a great investment for a traveler. There are applications on Androids for just about anything. One that is blowing the market away is the Kendall application. Now your traveler can just take out their Android and read a book.

Hopefully these ideas help you find a great gift for the traveler in your life. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping.

Source: Personal Experience

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