Great Gift Ideas for Kids

Tickle Me Elmo, Cabbage Patch Dolls, American Girl Dolls, and many other toys are items that parents have gone in search of because it is on the kids’ Christmas list. They just had to have them or their lives would be ruined. Each year there is one item that it seems all kids seem to think that they must have. This list may not include an item that every kid will want, but these toys are items that will be hot this holiday season.

Crayola Crayons are not thought of as a hot toy, but the Crayola ColorStudio HD App is. This app for iPad or iPad 2 is one of the hottest apps for the year. This app allows kids to color and interact with the animated coloring book pages. Here kids can combine touch, sound, and special effects allowing children to be a digital artist. The stylus that comes with the set can be used as a marker, crayon, pen, and paintbrush in order to allow the child to have as many artist tools as they need to perfect their talent and artist abilities. Electronic gadgets are always a plus and seem to be the toy that children prefer so this is sure to be on the list for the electronic whiz kid. You can purchase these online here for $29.99.

Interactive toys are always perfect for younger kids and the Interactive Storybooks and Story Buddies from Hallmark are no different. Hallmark is usually not a company that offers a hot holiday toy, but these will be popular among parents with young children. Your child can have plenty of adventures with Abigail the Bunny, Cooper, the Bear, and Watson the Racccoon with these books. Each book comes with a plush toy that responds when it hears an assigned phrase from the coordinating book. Plenty of fun and a toy to add to the fun. At $29.95 and found at Hallmark retail stores, these may sell out quickly so head out today to get yours.

Another fabulous toy this holiday season for the younger kids is Melissa and Doug’s Lanky Legs. These plush toys with friendly faces, soft fur, and long legs that will actually stand despite being so unproportional to the rest of the animal will become a child’s best friend. Choose which animal your child will like the best between a horse, bear, dog, lion, giraffe, and cow and add hours of play time with their new friend. Available at for $12.99, shop here.

Teenagers will love the new Glee Scene It DVD game. Available at most retailers, any fan of this show will enjoy this game. Fans can test their knowledge of the show by using these puzzles, activities, and trivia for hours of fun.Glee has become one of the most watched shows on television and is a popular show among the teen crowd. This is sure to be a hit with most teens. This sells for about $29.99 at most places.

Children are sure to want many gifts this holiday season, but most will be thrilled to find any of these gifts under the tree Christmas morning. There may be gifts that are hotter than these, but these will be popular and will surely be sold out by the time Christmas Day arrives.

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