Great Sunday Movies to Share with the Family

Sunday mornings, you either wake up early and go to church or sleep in late and watch television until lunch. It doesn’t matter how you spend Sunday as long as you share it with the ones you love. There are a few movies that may make your Sunday a little brighter without venturing outside on a rainy day. These movies spark emotion and make you feel good just to be human.

First movie, Field Of Dreams from 1989. Field of Dreams is a movie about an Iowa farmer who grows corn but takes a chance on building a baseball field in a field of corn. The quote, “If you build it, they will come” comes from this movie. The farmer hears voices that tell him to build the baseball field and he gets to meet ghosts of Chicago White Sox that were banned from the 1919 World Series. Shoeless Jo Jackson and seven others show up on the farmer’s field. The farmer later finds that one of the players is his late father. At the very end of the movie, people are lined up outside of his home waiting to see the game.

The second movie, Angels In The Outfield from 1994 a boy prays to have a family if the California Angels win a important game. Angels hear the young man’s prayer. The angels try very hard to win the game and they do. The young man gets his prayers answered by the skin of his neck. This movie has three big names as actors and actresses: Danny Glover, Tony Danza and Brenda Fricker. The Movie’s written by Dorothy Kingsley and George Wells. There’s also a sequel to the movie that is really cute too.

The last movie Lilies Of The Field is about an unemployed construction worker who travels to find work. He breaks down at an old farm. There he meets some of the most whimsical and sweet nuns who think God has sent him to help him rebuild their church. The nuns coax the gentleman to help them rebuild the church in return to fix their church back. The ladies have a great time with Sidney Poitier and he learns a valuable lesson of worth and the power of love.

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