Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame Sponsors Mentoring Program for Michigan Athletes

It takes more than giving it your all at tryouts or signing up for intermural sports to become a successful athlete. In Michigan, high school students had a chance to learn first hand what makes a pro athlete thrive.

The Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame hosted the Leadership Mentoring Program for budding athletes in grades 9 through 11 at a local athletic club this past weekend. The program — which plans to schedule future sessions — focuses on teaching students how to become a “complete athlete.”

Being an athlete means being in the game well beyond the final buzzer. Students learned about proper nutrition based on their training schedules, how to stretch before and after competitions and respect for leadership figures, such as coaches.

And, of course the students broke a sweat too. Leaders showed the athletes proper exercise techniques to reduce sports-related injuries and stay fit. Want to learn too? Check out this Partner Hamstring and Quad Stretch video to increase flexibility before taking the field.

But, hamstrings weren’t the only muscles stretching.

Olympic-training Coach Tim Wakeman from Michigan State University taught the athletes about maintaining a clear mind and focus to achieve their goals both on and off the court. The power of positive thinking and keeping their eyes on the prize will lead these young athletes to success.

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