Green Halloween Crafts: Make Halloween Crafts from Bottle Tops

This crafty mom and teacher loves a craft store and crafts catalogue as much as the next crafty lady but even better I love it when our family creates crafts from things we have around the house. We’ve kicked the plastic water bottle habit with our reusable Sigg water bottles but we still purchased plenty of Gatorade through the sports seasons and our we all love our love our big jugs of orange juice. We’re ardent recyclers though and we remove the caps, wash the bottles and put them in our recycling bin. But what can you do with all of those colorful plastic bottle caps, large and small? Once again my crafty kids have come up with some unique and green Halloween decorations.

We’re making pumpkin pals from bottle tops.

We noticed that so many of our bottle tops were orange and several were green so we came up with the idea to create little pumpkin decorations. This is a super cheap, easy and cute Halloween craft project.


Clean bottle caps in orange and green

Glue or hot glue gun

Options for eyes like beads, buttons, felt, foam or tiny pom poms


There’s no one way to create these pumpkin pals. The idea is to have one or more orange bottle tops on the bottom with one smaller one on the top to create the look of the pumpkin’s stem.

My kids are getting a little older so we pulled out the hot glue gun but a glue bottle and some patience would work too.

One of my children stacked three orange caps and another used just one large orange cap. One used beads for eyes and another used buttons.

We’ll perch these cute pumpkin crafts all around the snack table at our Halloween party. The smaller ones would also make adorable DIY cupcake toppers.

We’re also making magnetic pumpkin photo frames.


Large orange bottle tops like those from orange juice containers.

Magnet strips and don’t forget you can cut up those freebie advertising magnets to use for crafts too.


Something green for a stem like chenille stems, foam or construction paper.


Add a magnetic strip to the top of the orange bottle top and let it dry completely. Add a green stem. We’re using foam for the stem and added the year 2011 in number stickers so our Halloween photo magnets can be keepsakes for years to come.

When it’s time to add a photo inside, place the bottle top centered over the photo and trace. When you cut it out, cut along the inside of the line so it will fit well inside the bottle top photo frame.

What a cute party craft or Halloween party favor for your guests to take home and a add headshot of them in their Halloween costume.

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