Green Tea and Weight Loss – Scientific Evidence Report

While researching this article, I was listening to the radio – as I typically do on a Monday morning. After 30 minutes or so, a commercial broke into my boastful melodies. You wouldn’t believe it, but the commercial was touting a new “all-natural” weight loss pill guaranteed to shed at least 15 pounds off your frame…right.

It’s no secret that diet pills and “natural” weight loss aids are typically not as effective as they are proclaimed to be, and the term “natural” is passed around far too loosely. Yes, it has a natural herb, but the other 25 ingredients are synthetic chemicals and additives.

Green Tea is the secondly most consumed beverage in the world, just shy of water, and while many cultures utilize green tea as a tasty drink, can it really help you lose extra body fat as proclaimed in the advertisements?

Scientific Evidence:

Preliminary scientific evidence has found that the consumption of green tea extract in the form of a pill or drunk in a tea significantly enhanced metabolism and ultimately increased total body fat reduction.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found green tea promotes overall fat loss due to its thermogenic qualities, or its ability to increase the metabolism.

The same journal published a study at a later date stating participants who consumed green tea extract experienced a 17 percent increase in total fat oxidation rates when compared to the placebo groups. However, it is important to note that this fat oxidation enhancement was only activated in participants who engaged in regular moderate-intense physical activity.

Although further scientific studies are required to determine the true effectiveness green tea has on weight loss, these initial findings are extremely positive.

It is important to note that taking green tea extract and not altering your diet or exercise may yield unsatisfactory results. Discuss with your doctor the appropriate diet and exercise routine based on your current health and physical activity level.

While overall weight loss is contributed to proper eating and exercise, weight loss may be enhanced by adding green tea into your daily supplement routine.


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