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Growing your Twitter network can be a very tedious task, especially if you don’t know how to go about doing so. Plus, if you don’t use Twitter effectively, people that do follow you will just unfollow you a couple days later. There are many great effective ways to grow your Twitter follower number and to keep them there.

In order to grow your Twitter network effectively without losing followers, you need to put out useful information and talk to people! You can’t just use Twitter strictly for promotional purposes or else people won’t even acknowledge that you exist and are likely to just unfollow you. You need to look at Twitter as being a social media site like Facebook. You need to use Twitter like a social networking site; not like a promotional site.

If you can manage to do what I mentioned above, you should be able to keep your unfollow number down and could possibly even gain a couple followers. If you want to gain a huge amount of followers and grow your Twitter network, keep reading.

There are many ways out there for you to grow your Twitter network, like using your own website, advertising and many other things. The best option that I have run across is something called Twiends. Twiends is a very well ran website and is extremely easy to use and understand. Twiends can grow your Twitter network a huge amount and you will see it happen very quickly.

With Twiends, you have quite a few options to gain followers. You could do it all for free or you could spend some money on some of their packages. Their packages are amazing especially for the price that they offer. You can even change up your settings to control who is able to follow you among other things.

With Twiends, when you follow somebody, you get a certain number of seeds. These seeds that you get will be used to get people to follow you and the more seeds that you get, the more followers that you will get. It is a little hard to explain in words, but you will be spending the seeds that you earn to gain followers. That is how Twiends works. It is as simple as that.

If you can use the method above whilst using Twitter the way that it was supposed to be used, then you will see your Twitter network grow right in front of you. This can only bring you many benefits. Have fun growing!

This was written by Elijah ‘SoviezT1′ Ellerman of Tier 1 Freelancing. He is the CEO of Tier 1 Freelancing. He is a freelance writer and loves to write for people. You can find Twiends right here!

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