Guide to Making MS Chat Macros

This is for ms chat 2.5 not ms chat 2.1a make sure you have ms chat 2.5 other wise you can’t do macros. So before you even attempt check your version first. If you don’t have 2.5 check around I’m sure it can be located somewhere.

I’ve been creating, and using macros since about 1996. Many have asked me to create them special styles, and colors. You can make your own macros and add your own class and touch to them or you can ASK others for theirs. I can’t stress enough that you should ask others before stealing them, and using them. A lot of people have put in allot of work and time into their macros and as flattering as it is that others want their macros it is only professional courtesy to ask. And do not be upset if the person says no, even I have a few macros I am not willing to share. I do ask that the ones I do let you take that you change them in some way to make them set for you. As most of the time the colors I have them set as are to my personality.

To make your own I can only direct you to the tool I use. Go to “Start” “Programs” then “Accessories”, and then “Character Map”. Once you have the “Character Map” up you can use only two fonts. Symbol, and Ms Sans Serif. Why only two fonts? Because those are the only two ms chat can use, and see. Also what helps to keep in mind when making macros is mIRC users see the macros differently. Symbols are not part of mIRC’s font. So basically they see it all as junk. Trust me I know I use mIRC now. And do not make the macros too big. Big macros are flooding and as nice as it may seem to want to flood a person with macros it’s even nicer for other chatters to not be flooded at the same time. And mIRC people are usually in more than one room making the room smaller and the huge macros take up the whole room making it not only a flood but a warp as well. So if you get complained to be a bit more understanding please. There are still some chatters with huge macros, and sooner or later the server will no longer take huge macros and will be kicked for them.

The word %Nickname% is how you get it to automatically place a persons name in the macro after clicking on their name on the list to the right. If it does not work you might of accidentally used two capital N’s or one of the %’s might be symbol. Be sure to test them in a private room you have made. Bring in one clone to check to be sure it didn’t split and isn’t too big. Control Enter is the return in macros, not just plan return that will make it split.

To place and use macros one must master the copy and paste routine. Control V for paste Control C for copy Control A for select all. Those are the ones you will need to know besides the regulars Control B bold Control I italics Control U underline Control K color. Lets do a simple test of copy and paste. {{{{{ %Nickname%}}}} Left click and hold down the button drag it over the macro. Then Right click after letting go of the left button. Select the word copy or you can just press control C. Then to paste go to the text area of chat and press control V if it pasted in there you done the job correctly. Continue to practice for those of you who haven’t quiet got it yet.

To place your macros open up your ms chat and go to “View” and “Automation” at the bottom of the screen is Macros. Key combination is what you will press when you want the macro to come up. Example Alt 0 brings up hugs. You need to name each macros as you place it in the macro area. After you have copied the macro click in the one inch by five inch square and press Control V for it to paste it. Name it if you haven’t already. Click “Add Macro” press “apply” and “ok”. You now have your first macro in place. Continue with the steps to place each macro you wish to place. In ms chat you can only place ten, but I use a note pad to store my hundreds of others.

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