Guide to Saving Money on College Textbooks

If you are in your first year of college, then I am pretty sure by now you have realized how expensive textbooks can be. Regardless of whether you buy used textbooks the prices only differ slightly which can add up if you are paying tuition costs out-of-pocket. Here are a few ways you can save money on college textbooks.

Borrow textbooks from your college library. When the costs of living ascended in my second year of college, neither my student loan nor did income from my job help me cover the costs of my textbooks. I knew I couldn’t study or pass the class without the required textbook; therefore, I went to my school’s library and checked out the textbooks I needed. You would be surprised at how well stocked your college library is of current edition textbooks. However, depending on your college they may allow you to check out the textbook or they may consider it a reference book (books that are not allowed to be checked out). Whatever the case may be, you should consider your college library as a primary resource for saving you money on textbooks.

Buy textbooks outside of your college. Every college has a campus bookstore which sells both new and used textbooks. However, with the variety of competing textbook dealers you can easily find a good bargain. You can even use coupons on sites like Barnes and Noble to drop the price of your textbook even lower.

Borrow textbooks from friends. Now, borrowing textbooks from your friends should be done with caution. If you are really good friends with the person, explain your financial situation to them and see if you can borrow their textbook to study with in return for a favor. However, try not to make it a habit of borrowing your friend’s textbook unless it is for an exam.

When it comes to saving money on college textbooks there are lots of creative ways you can use that will benefit you. However, make sure you don’t take advantage of the people who are helping you with your financial dilemma.

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