Guidelines to Consider Before Investing in a Home Bar

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own bar? Having a home bar can provide just what you need; a unique place to relax where you can entertain guests or just chill out and have your favorite drink after a long day at work. However, if you are thinking about investing in a bar for your home, then there are some things you should consider before you start making plans and spending money.

Purpose and location.

The most important is the purpose of the bar. This will help decide the location of it in your home. Some people like to have a home bar as part of the living room so they can watch TV while having a drink. Others may prefer for their bar to have an independent space, maybe with a spectacular view outside. This is especially true if you live near a beach or some place similar so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are an unlimited number of location options for a home bar, but it all comes down to the space available, and the passion of the home owner.

Essential functions and accessories.

Your perfect home bar should fulfill at least three essential functions. We have already covered the location, so what’s next? Everyone knows that a bar cannot be complete without the proper storage and equipment. Today, many appliances and accessories can easily be incorporated into home bars with the proper plumbing and wiring. Racks can be hung overhead for ample storage of glassware. Drawers can be installed to hold utensils, napkins, and bottle openers. A counter might be used to hold a blender, icemaker, shaker, or a small sink. Just be sure to install the bar near plenty of outlets.

Cabinets can be used to conceal larger appliances, like a refrigerator and dishwasher, or a wine rack and cooler. If you do choose to have a refrigerator installed, you will need to invest in an AC outlet if you don’t already have one. Rear shelving can be used to show off rows of basic alcohol, such as gin and whiskey. And last but not least, what is a bar without the proper attire of bar stools?

Types of home bars.

Types of home bars can vary from a simple rolling cart that holds a few cocktail glasses and an ice bucket to a sophisticated corner bar with fancy appliances and attire. You can choose from a wine bar, a standard bar, and Tiki with a Rustic, Traditional, Country, Elegant, or transitional style. There are also a number or materials and finishes you can choose from including granite, marble, rattan, and wood, with a finish of cherry, oak, walnut, pine, or simply plain. The possibilities are endless.

Hire a contractor or DIY?

The only question remaining to ask yourself is “Can I complete this project myself, or should I hire a professional?” Well lets be clear what the advantages and disadvantages may be doing a project yourself versus hiring a contractor.

There is no question that money is the biggest motivating factor to doing a project yourself versus hiring a professional. However, let us be clear as to what we are gaining or losing when we hire a contractor versus doing the job by ourselves. Obviously, unless you’ve done a similar project before for someone else, the contractor wins hands down on experience and depending on the type of bar you purchase, hiring a professional can add several thousand dollars more to a project.

If you love to entertain, you will enjoy the versatility and convenience of an indoor home bar. Having an indoor home bar is a great investment that will bring enjoyment into your home for years to come. They can provide a retreat that’s so luxurious and classic, you won’t believe it’s only a room away. But above all, indoor home bars are about relaxing in comfortable surroundings. They’re fun mixed with elegance, and style graced with pleasure. They’re a bridge between work and play, form and function. Find out for yourself all the advantages that an indoor home bar can provide by bringing one into your life today.

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