Guns for Love…Not Fear

Recently, my wife Jamie and I decided to take the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course so we could obtain a concealed carry permit in the State of Ohio. We have both enjoyed shooting for years. On our way to the first day of class, Jamie asked me why I wanted to get a permit to carry a handgun. I thought about it for a moment and stated my reasons were to protect my family, for personal protection, and for property protection.

After replying to her question, she said that throughout the years, she has heard comments from a number of individuals that people own guns “out of fear.” I said that I had never considered carrying a handgun out of fear and she agreed stating that was also true for her.

She continued the conversation stating however an argument could be made that all the reasons I gave to carry a concealed handgun could be based on fear. She kept after me, asking if I carry primarily for protection and it is not based in fear, then what? Finally, I gave the answer she was looking for…her reason to own and/or carry a gun. I stated the reason I own and want to carry a gun is to protect my family because I LOVE them. And that is exactly the conclusion she had come to. It is NOT fear that motivates us to carry a handgun, but it is LOVE! And since I also love myself, it would stand to reason I would also want to protect myself.

I have heard a lot or reasons why one carry’s a gun:

because it is a right based on the second amendment because it is my duty because I choose to take responsibility because I live in the real world because it’s empowering

I believe the best reason to carry a handgun is out of love. I’m confident our forefathers were not living in a fear based mindset when they wrote the constitution. They were strong, independent, courageous visionaries. And they knew what one loves, one needs to be able to fight for and protect. If I ever have to make a point for carrying a concealed handgun to someone that does not believe it should be allowed, what better point to make than Love. I’m sure it will not change the view of those who believe guns should be outlawed, but I’m sure most would be stunned when they hear my reason.

P.S. We both passed the course and are licensed to carry.

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