Gutermann 26 Spool Thread Set

Gutermann thread is a popular thread used among the sewing community especially with established fashion designers. The Gutermann thread can be rather costly depending on which dealer you are buying from, so when I saw that Joann Fabrics was selling it in a bulk of twenty-six for only twenty dollars I had to jump on the deal.

Because it was a Joann Fabrics purchase my order came through Fed Ex as opposed to the UPS delivery I am used to. What I like best about the Gutermann twenty-six spool thread is that the spool comes in a range of colors outside the few colors offered in beginner sewing kits. The bulk of thread consisted of primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors, and black and white.

The best thing about the twenty-six thread spool is they didn’t come in a cheap zipper bag that probably would have had the life span of one week. It comes in a plastic clear box which helps a lot with keeping all the thread in one container and organized. It is also uncomplicated when it comes to taking the lid off: Lift up to open and press down to cover.

One of the things that makes Gutermann thread so easy to work with is the quality of the thread. The Gutermann thread is really easy to work with on both a sewing machine and a hand needle, and when I have sewn a garment I never have to worry about the yarn fibers unraveling. The thread is strong and durable which is why it is so popular.

Overall, I’m glad I came across the Gutermann twenty-six spool thread on Joann Fabrics’ website because of its quality and durability. Not only do I get a rainbow of colors of Gutermann thread, but I also get a plastic container to keep them together. The plastic container is my favorite part of the product because I always seem to misplace my thread spools, so having the container helps me keep everything together and organized. The price of twenty dollars was right in my budget which made the purchase a great steal.

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