Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween will be here again before you know it. House parties are a good way to celebrate for children as well as adults. Here are some Halloween party ideas you can try out this year.


Winnie The Pooh Party

Children can dress up like Tigger, Winnie, Rabbit, and the rest of the characters of the acre wood. Decorate a room with Winnie The Pooh and his friends posters. Put gold and pale blue streamers around the room. Place good sized stuffed toys of Winnie and his friends in different places. The table with goodies can be set up with Pooh plates, napkins and cups. Food can be simple, because of the candy involved. Have a special Pooh Ice cream cake made, fruit punch, chips and pretzels. Perhaps something with honey. While you are eating have a Winnie the pooh and Friends recoding playing in the background. To end the party, play one of your children’s favorite Winnie The Pooh movies. Send each child home with a Pooh Bear bag filled with candy.


Twilight Party

Get dressed up as the characters from the Stephanie Meyers series. The setting for this party will have to be all things Vampire and shifter. Decorate the room in black and red. On the walls poster of vampires on one side, on the other wolf. Having the musical soundtrack of the Twilight movies playing in the background. Have the table set up buffet style with red punch, various candy, and tiny sandwiches. In keeping up with the movie, have chips, dips and pizza. Watch all the Twilight movies or pick one to end the evening. Have a cake made with the Twilight characters on it or make it in the shape of the first Twilight book.


Go back and bring out those old horror movie posters and memorabilia to decorate the room. Guests can dress as Frankenstein, Dracula and old and new school monsters. The food can be a festive affair. Have a little candy, but prepare the meal. Supply the chips, dips, chicken and meatless chicken for your vegetarian guests, crackers and cheese tray, fruit tray, salad and one main entree, such as a casserole of some sort. Make space for a dance floor. Play old fashioned classic “monster” songs or watch a horror flick.Having parties at home is safer than going out door to door unless you know the people. For adults, children and teens, Halloween can be lots of fun.

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