Halloween Pumpkin Cat

If you’re not one for carving pumpkins you might have been getting by with pumpkins decorated in a different manner over the years. Anyone can paint on a simplistic face with a marker, or slide a mask over a pumpkin, and make a suitable Halloween jack-o-lantern. This year, you can do better than that. You can easily make a Halloween pumpkin cat without doing any carving at all. You won’t even have to cut an opening and scoop out the meat and seeds of the pumpkins. You can use them just as they are.

You’ll need to use two, round pumpkins for each cat you make. One of the pumpkins should be much smaller than the other. It’s up to you if you want to decorate the pumpkins. They can be spray painted black, to make black cats, or can just be used as they are. Another option is to cover the pumpkin with fabric or decorative paper.

When the pumpkins look how you want them to, lay the largest pumpkin where you want the cat to be, and turn the pumpkin on its side. If this large pumpkin has a long stalk, that’s great, because the stalk will be the tail of the cat.

Turn the small pumpkin over to view the bottom of it. The indentation that you see in the bottom will become the nose for the cat. Draw eyes on with markers, then use the markers to make the muzzle for the cat. Draw a “J”, and a backwards “J”, straight down from the “nose”, together, to make the muzzle.

Cut the stalk low on the small pumpkin – if it isn’t already – and push the stalk up against the bottom of the large pumpkin. It’s probably necessary to connect the two pumpkins to get them to stay in this position. To do that, use pieces of wooden skewers like nails to hold the two pumpkins together. This creates the basic shape for the cat.

Cut cat ears from construction paper and glue them onto toothpicks or wooden skewer pieces. Insert these into the pumpkin. To make whiskers, broom bristles work well.

If you want the cat to be a lighted version, cut the top off the small pumpkin, scoop out the meat and seeds, place battery operated lights inside, and put the top back on, securing it with skewers. Then, skewer the small pumpkin to the larger one. If you want the body of the cat to be lighted, cut the bottom off of the pumpkin, scoop it out, put in lights, and reattach the bottom with skewers. A nice design when lighting the body of the cat is to just carve curvy stripes on the sides of the pumpkin.

Make assorted Halloween cats by painting them different colors, giving each one a different facial expression, and by making them in different sizes – with stripes, dots, or other designs. Stand the cats any place – indoors or outside – where you might see any regular cat. They’re unique and will surely get noticed.

Pumpkin Cat

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