Halloween Sofa Ghosts

Most of us try to have a nice home, all year long, but when Halloween rolls around, we tend to do the opposite of that. Many of us spread cobwebs over our belongings, and further try to make our houses look spooky and decrepit. It’s fun to decorate for Halloween but it can often take a lot of time to put up the decorations, and a nice chunk of time to take them down again. But that’s not true if you make sofa ghosts. Couch ghosts can be made quickly and, when Halloween is over, they can easily be turned back to their original state – pillows. Use your sofa pillows to make ghosts that can be turned back into pillows in a minute. The ghosts can be made so that they’re frightening or adorable.

No matter what kinds of pillows you have on your sofa they can be turned into couch ghosts. Simply cut a white sheet – or even white fleece – and make covers for the pillows. For a round or square pillow, drape with a piece of the sheet, then tie the fabric around the pillow, at the bottom. For a cylindrical pillow, stand it up on one end, then drape the fabric over it to make one type of pillow. Or, lay the cylinder-shaped pillow on the couch in the usual manner and make an odd-shaped ghost. If the pillow is a dark color it might show through the white sheet. If that’s the case you can put a white trash bag over it first.

After tying the fabric at the bottom of the pillow you can then add the characteristics that you want. Cut felt eyes and a mouth and use fabric glue to attach them. Or, mark the specific areas and sew on the features. Tie a piece of black fabric around the rubber band to conceal it and tie the fabric into a bowtie.

The ghost pillows can stay on the couch where they always are and, as people need them, they can use them just like pillows. But you don’t absolutely have to leave the pillow ghosts on the sofa. You can place them on beds, set them in chairs, put them on tables, and display them elsewhere in the home. When Halloween is over you can just remove the rubber band and take off the white sheet. Store the sheets and put them back on your pillows next Halloween.
Fleece Ghost Pillow

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