Halloween Zombie Race Game

If you’re a person who enjoys making things when holidays roll around you’ll have a good time creating a Halloween zombie race game for your kids. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to make it and your kids will play it long after Halloween is over. Buy a piece of Styrofoam and you’ll put the game together in no time.

Craft stores feature all sorts of shapes and sizes of Styrofoam so just pick out a small slab – or a large one – to make the game. There is no specific size that the slab should be; just pick one to be the size you want for the game. The slab, however, should be between an inch and two inches thick. In addition to the main slab of Styrofoam you’ll need two small, thin rectangles of Styrofoam.

While at the craft store buy paint suitable for Styrofoam. Tempera paints work well; some paints can melt Styrofoam. Paint the Styrofoam green or another color. Green is a good choice because it can represent the grass on which the zombies are racing.

If you want, shape the two small rectangles of Styrofoam by using sandpaper. It’s really easy to round one end of each, when you use sandpaper, but you don’t absolutely have to take this step. Glue the two shapes onto one short end of the Styrofoam slab to make two tombstones.

Make holes along both long sides of the Styrofoam slab. These should be made with the game markers in mind so that the holes will accommodate the markers without being too large. Use stickers to number the holes, along both sides. Just put a number sticker (1 thru 10) beside each hole, and place the stickers right along the edge of the Styrofoam.

The base of the markers can be short pencils, small-diameter dowel pieces, or even birthday candles. Just cut the wicks off of the candles and use these as the bases for the markers.

Many things can become the marker tops, depending upon the marker bases you’re using. Some things that can be used include a pom-pom with a tiny Halloween sticker face, a Halloween-theme eraser, or just a wooden bead with a face painted on it. Glue the top to the marker base. Make two markers and give each one a different look.

To play the game just provide a die or even two dice. With one die, the game goes quickly, but with two dice, it can be over in a flash. It’s up to you if you want to add additional rules – which you can print on a card – and the rules can include anything from allowing a person an extra turn if they roll a “2”, to requiring each player to roll a “1” to start. Or, stipulate that, if the player rolls, say, a “5”, he or she has to go back to the beginning. The first zombie to his grave (to get to “10”) is the winner.
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