Handmade Items Make Great Holiday Gifts

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving fast approaching, this means the official start of the holiday shopping season is almost upon us. With that comes the same question we face every year, what to buy for the ones we love? This year, consider giving the gift of something handmade. Consider purchasing from a local craft sale or vendor on a site such as Etsy , or any of the growing number of online craft malls.

I absolutely love this time of year when there are so many opportunities available in which to see the work of many fabulous crafters. Be it autumn festivals or holiday craft fairs and bazaars, this is the perfect time of year to check out local crafters and see what they have to offer. Many schools ,churches, and other organizations hold craft sales for the upcoming holiday season. Often times, a local mall will have craft vendors set up within the corridor during the holiday season. Some crafting events travel from town to town, and will usually have an ad listed in a country decorating or craft type magazine. Check your local event guides or look online for details of craft sales and events near you.

So many wonderful handmade items can be found at craft fairs and sales. Everything from handmade knit and crochet items, to hand-sewn quilts, hand carved wooden items, painted clay and pottery, etc. Many of the handmade items can be custom made to order, or personalized. The beauty of a handmade item is that it is special and unique, not something just anyone can go purchase in a store. Plus, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon, while seeing some beautiful things.

As a crafter myself, I know that when someone purchases something you’ve created, it’s a really good feeling. Plus, a purchase from a local crafter is doing something for the “little guy” who is trying to make his/her small business thrive. Remember, these items are individually created, not mass produced, and may be priced accordingly if it’s something that took many hours and dollars to make. When you consider this, the crafter is quite likely still giving you a bargain for the time and effort they’ve put into creating it.

If you are unable to leave the house to find a craft sale somewhere neat you, you can bring the crafts to you, by using an online craft selling venue. I personally recommend Etsy . I’ve operated an Etsy shop for about two years now ), and I have looked around at what other vendors have to offer, and can honestly say that there are some truly talented people selling their handmade items through that site. Many crafters are also willing to customize orders, so be sure to place custom orders early to allow time for the crafter to finish and ship before the holidays.Be sure to consult with each individual crafter regarding their timeline for personalized orders.( Please feel free to visit my Etsy shop by clicking on the highlighted words ‘Etsy shop’.)

Make this holiday season special by choosing to buy handmade items to give as gifts or to decorate your own home. They add a special touch to your holiday and will delight the recipient. Have a wonderful holiday season.

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