Haunted America: The Ghosts of the Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut

When it comes to actively haunted locations that involve the state of Connecticut, it is hard to ignore the top destination that proclaims to be the most haunted. The Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is well known for the infamous white lady, and appears to come totally alive during the month of October, but since the cemetery never seems to have a dull moment, it openly draws in paranormal investigators almost every single month out of the year, come rain, snow or shine.

The more than 400 year-old cemetery is the home of the white lady which has been a topic of discussion for psychic researchers like Ed and Lorraine Warren who have managed to gather a substantial amount of proof that the dead do walk among the living. The white lady is not to be feared as she is somewhat of a prankster who brings no harm. Her beautiful long black hair and ornate white gown have caught the attention of many ghost hunters and visitors while they pay their respects at the famous Union Cemeteryas her appearance is hard to ignore since she favors floating above the many headstones in the misty graveyard.

Connecticut legend offers the tale that the white lady was the victim of murder that occurred sometime during the 1940’s. She has made many a headline that has had her being everything from a mourning mother searching for her lost child to that of a woman who was dumped in a sinkhole after being murdered sometime during the turn of the century. The beautiful entity donning white garb has also been spotted outside the grounds of the cemetery walking along Route 59.

The prankster apparition finds it an adventure to bolt in front of passing cars, but she vanishes immediately when motorists pull over to offer her assistance. More than one witness has proclaimed to have struck her hard enough to cause external damage to their vehicle, yet not so much as a scratch can be detected after impacting with the Lady in White. No evidence has ever substantiated any of these legends as to the cause of her death, because she has never taken the time to sit down with visitors of the cemetery to tell anyone about the exact cause of her untimely death.

A visit to the Union cemetery after dark will bring you face to face with Red Eyes. This penetrating set of glowing eyes has been known to scare groups of visitors straight out of the cemetery in somewhat of a panicked rush. Of course when you run from old Red Eyes, you are usually entertained with a loud set of foot-steps following your every move. Red Eyes has been caught on film in various locations throughout the cemetery, but the identity of the body that goes with the peepers has never been discovered.

Headstones dating from the early 1700’s have brought many paranormal researchers and historians to the cemetery in search of answers to the demise of a few of the inhabitants that haunt the home to the Easton Baptist Church, which currently stands to the right of the cemetery, and was built during the 1840’s long after many of the deceased were interred at the Union Cemetery. True ghost hunters looking for answers have went as far as to spend the night at the active graveyard, and they usually come out bearing some sort of proof that it is in fact haunted.

Images of the deceased, orbs, red eyes, globules, and apparitions have all been captured by the camera at one time or another. Video footage has actually caught dark and misty figures rummaging throughout the graveyard, and a full moon during the month of October usually drums up other unsavory life from the here after. Everything from a hobo ghost who is thought to be a prior caretaker of the grounds to other unknown spirits hovering around the place and are in no way possibly living souls stalk the entire grounds of the iron gated cemetery. Foot-steps, whispers, howling cold pockets of air, crying, foul odors, scratching, clawing, and the sound of rocks hitting unseen objects have been detected by both audio and video equipment as well as by the eyes and ears of the living.

The UnionCemetery is located near Stepney Road and Church Roadat the junction of Route 136 and Route 59 in the Easton, Connecticut.


Union Cemetery, Easton



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