Have the Inconsistencies in the Baby Lisa Case Been Explained?

COMMENTARY | With the statement of three witnesses and a grainy video of a mystery man, all occurring in the hours before Baby Lisa Irwin was discovered missing, is the case close to being solved? So many questions have been asked about this mystery man. Does it make sense to take a baby you have kidnapped, down roads where there are going to be people driving, where you know you will be seen? In asking that, would someone who was drunk possibly walk down streets where people would be, with a baby who had been harmed? The second scenario seems more plausible than the first. No matter the reasoning, how can this man be unknown to everyone in Kansas City? Surely someone knows this guy was out at this time of night, even the man himself, if he were not involved, would want to come forward. This would clear the way to take the investigation back to where it was. Even with the discovery of the mystery man, the many inconsistencies in this case, still remain unanswered.

When baby Lisa went missing on Oct. 4, her mother, Deborah Bradley, stated she had put Lisa down at 10:30 p.m. After a tape surfaced showing her buying wine on the same day that Lisa went missing, she admitted she was drunk. She admits to having “enough to be drunk,” and says she drinks a few times a week, but only after her kids are in bed. After admitting she put Lisa to bed at 6:30, is she saying she did not touch any wine until her boys were in bed or is she saying they went to bed at 6:30?

She also had no problem knowing what a blackout is. This is very disturbing, knowing you could have a blackout, with children in the home, even if they are in bed, you would still drink. She admitted to being on anti-anxiety medication, which most adults know, mixing alcohol and this type of medication is a recipe for disaster. When asked if she could have had a blackout, she admitted she could have. She then states she does not think that alcohol could make you do something like that. The obvious question is, something like what?

When Ms. Bradley reported that she actually put Lisa down at 6:30, she said Lisa had a cold and cough. For anyone who has been around a child, even and more so, a 10 month old, when they are ill there is no way there are going to sleep from 6:30 until the next morning. This is troubling, especially when she says she went to bed with one of her boys, and closed the bedroom door. Although she said there was a baby monitor, why would you close the bedroom door when you have two children, one of them ill, in the home. The question might be raised, was Lisa on any medication for her cold? Is it possible that she was fussy and was overdosed in an effort to get her back to sleep? Could she have disturbed Ms. Bradley while she was in a blackout and been harmed? These are just a few of the unanswered questions.

She reportedly was drinking with a neighbor, who said when she went home, she saw the lights in the house go off. Jeremy Irwin, Lisa’s dad, reported that when he got home, that nearly all the lights in the house were on. Why would a person looking to kidnap a child, come into a home, turn on all the lights and risk waking up the family? The entry point, the family believes, was a window that was found disturbed. The problem with this is the detectives crawled through this window and the screen would slam shut, making a lot of noise.

Ms. Bradley has stated she does not want the police to re-interview her two boys. She stated, they did not know anything, and she did not want them to go through anymore than they had been through. This is beyond any sane reasoning. If the boys heard or saw anything, such as the dog barking, which no one heard, they could possibly be able to help find their sister. Why would you not want the police to talk to anyone who was there, especially since they were the only two who were sober and might be able to help.

It would be wonderful in this day and age, in a case like this, to be able to prove the mother was not involved. In this case, with all the unanswered questions, I am reminded of an old adage: If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck, its a duck. Ms. Bradley needs to take a look at her actions and words. She is looking more like a duck all the time.

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