Have You Been “Hanging with Friends?” Careful You Don’t Lose Your Balloons!

Hanging with Friends is a game very similar to hangman, only it is loads more fun and addicting! Not only is Hanging with Friends a video game, but it is an educational video game! Parents, now you won’t have to fear about your kids wasting their time playing a video game! They can improve their vocabulary and have fun at the same time!

Having always been a fan of hangman, I downloaded Hanging with Friends as soon as I found out about it! I love playing hangman! I highly enjoy playing this game!

How to Play
You start off by creating a game with one of your Facebook friends, a contact, a random opponent, by searching for a friend’s username, or just playing with a friend by passing your ipod/iphone between you and your friend. You play by making a word out of the letters given to you.

During the process of creating a word, a random space is chosen for a powerup; double letter, triple letter, double word or triple word, which is different from hangman. If you build a word that uses the powerup, then you get that powerup. When you create a word, you get tokens for the number of points your word has using the letter points. You can use these tokens to buy powerups when trying to guess your opponent’s word.

After you create your word, you’ll have to wait for your opponent to take his or her turn. Then, you’ll guess his or her word, but be careful because if you run out of strikes when guessing, you’ll lose a balloon (equal to a limb in hangman). The object of the game is to cause your opponent to lose all of his or her balloons.

Hanging with Friends is available on Facebook, the iPod Touch, the iPhone, the iPad, and the Android.

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