Have You Ever Been Stopped by the Police?

Possibly some may think to themselves, “I never break the law.” Possibly some may say, “I was just traveling 5 above the speed limit.” Well if the speed limit is 35 m.p.h and you were traveling at 40 m.p.h., you are breaking the law. There are no if’s or and’s about that. Do you become upset after a police stops you? A lady made an improper turn after leaving a store and was stopped by the police. I happened to see her afterwards. Rather than admitting she was wrong, her response was, “That policeman didn’t have anything better to do than to stop me.” If she was breaking the law, why not stop her? Why should she be an exception? Did she feel like a victim? Did she feel she was being targeted?

Attitude is everything. Do you attempt to flirt with the police officer, hoping not to get a ticket when you know that you deserve a ticket? Do you fake crying, hoping the officer will feel sorry for you and not give you a ticket? What if the office happens to be female? Will flirting and crying work with her? Laws were made for a reason. Unfortunately there is always someone that will find a way to break them.

Have you ever ran a stop light unintentionally and then realize afterward what you did? Were you thankful that no one was hurt? Running a stop light could cause dire consequences if you ran into another vehicle.

I recall one time trying to put lipstick on when driving. My car possibly weaved a little. The police stopped me and asked to see my license and registration. Afterwards, he brought my license and registration back and said, “I seem to have to stop the nicest people. ” “Have a good evening.” “You can go.” I was a very happy person that evening.

When you are stopped by a police officer do you make excuses? Does that help your situation any? Do you try and argue with the police officer? That is a “no-no.” Why not admit you are wrong? Is it your pride that stops you? Do you think you can talk your way out of a ticket?

We all know that a stop sign means exactly that; to stop and not cruise along slowly. Well I just happened to hit my brakes lightly at a stop sign and kept going. That was a “no no.” The police offer stopped me and asked, “Do you know why I stopped you?” I replied, “Yes, I did not come to a complete stop at the stop sign.” I knew that I was at fault. He checked my license and told me my record was good. He told me to make sure I come to a complete stop in the future at a stop sign. I thanked him, because he chose not to give me a ticket, but he didn’t have to do that. Instead he gave me a warning. In Michigan failing to stop at a stop sign can cost you a $121.00 ticket. I can do a lot with $121.00.


Be sure to observe road signs when driving.
Be sure to be observant of other drivers.
Be sure to carry your drivers license,car insurance, and registration. Be sure to have it in a place in your glove compartment that is readily available should you be asked for it.

Have you ever been stopped by the Police?


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