He Giveth Power to the Faint

He Giveth Power to The Faint

By Stephanie Jeannot

“He giveth power to the faint;
and to them that have no might he
increaseth strength.”Isaiah 40:29

The morning that stood before her was uniquely designed. The sun broke the dark of the night and the sun of day smiled. She felt the organic breezes and sucked in the heavenly air. The heart of this soldier was open and ready to share.

The midday came curving in full swing. All the morning long, she’d been walking around smiling. It was a good day and she was feeling so blessed. She never felt so energized and fresh.

Change can happen in a matter of minutes in time. One day can come in and bend your life and the smile no longer lives where it was before; she was broken and not that happy camper anymore.

She never thought it was his time to go home. There was so much she didn’t get to say or let him know. She felt so guilty she joined forces with doubt and landed on the bottom floor of giving up.

She knew that this would happen one day. The knowledge left her broken and weary. Strength creeped out her body and left her on the floor cold. Her face that once faced the sun, faced her painted toes.

Consolation was what she needed; she felt so alone. The only brother she had left the earth to go home. Every single tear drop that Jesus wiped away, made her the woman who decided to trust God boldly.

It was a sad moment that she thought she’d never survive. She knew that through it all God was by her side. She found comfort resting quietly in the heart of Jesus. The battle is not yours, even when your heart faileths.

While sorrowful moments may have come to conquer her heart and dark clouds tried to take her out the spotlight of God, prayers were being lifted up for her in Jesus’ name in hope that she’d soon recover, refresh and recharge.

I know that there is someone out there going through what she is right now and you are trying to find a way but don’t know how. Just know that in God you have the greatest friend and he’ll never leave your side, even until the end.

That you might find comfort and a reason today to smile again; that the one you’ve lost might be in the comfort of the Lord up in heaven; and that he might pour his blessings on you and that you regain your strength; and that you might get through this rough time; in Jesus’ name I pray.

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