Healing Cancer and Boosting Immunity for Millennium in the East, the Cordyceps Mushroom is Finally Available in the Western Market

Like a creature from outer space, the Cordyceps mushroom, is a cannibalistic fungus that takes over the bodies of small insects, such as ants, and replaces their tissue, with its own mycelium. In some cases the mushroom controls the insect’s behavior, forcing it to attach to and climb plants that are appropriate fruiting locations. The insects subsequently die and the fungus shoots grow out of the dead carcass.

Despite its strange lifestyle, Cordyceps is attributed with powerful healing and immune boosting effects, so much so that in recent years, a kilogram of the wild mushroom has sold for as much as $9,000 on the open market! For thousands of years, Cordyceps has been recognized as a potent anti-cancer herb.

Recent studies have supported the tradition, showing that it positively modulates the immune response to cancer, and induces cell apoptosis (cancer cell death). Some polysaccharides isolated from the herb, including cordycepin (3-deoxadenosine), have been found to have marked anti-cancer properties.

In addition to the mushroom’s ability to stimulate cytokines (which helps to recruit cancer fighting cells) and induce cell cycle arrest (which kills cancer cells), certain chemicals in the fungus extract are effective in protecting against radiation and chemotherapy induced injury. Additionally, the herb protects the body’s bone marrow and digestive system from the effects of bone marrow radiation.

Beyond its anti-cancer benefits, Cordyceps extract has been found to restore energy, promote longevity, and well being. The herb has been used successfully by traditional practitioners for millennium to reduce weakness, impotence, and fatigue in the elderly population. Backing these findings up, modern research have shown that Cordyceps promotes long term survival in chronic kidney failure and also reduces depression in older people.

Modern scientific research has shown that Cordyceps extract is efficacious in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, and obstructive pulmonary diseases. The fungus has been found to have a number of anti-oxidative effects, which contribute to its notable anti-aging benefits. The wondrous mushroom has been shown to promote improvements in liver function tests in patients with active hepatitis and post hepatic cirrhosis.

Consumers can now purchase Cordyceps in a number of online preparations, and experience its anti-aging, vitalizing, and immune boosting potencies. eHelps, a noted creator of modern health herbal preparations, now offers the versatile and sought after youth restoring herb in an affordable, special immune boosting formula called BioHelps. With BioHelps, you can get the anti-cancer benefits of Cordyceps in a compendium that includes 7 other powerful immune boosting and anti cancer herbs.

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