Healing is a Tricky Bussiness

Alarm sounded at 6:45 a.m. I rolled over from the reality that I was in of love and fear and wiped the night away from my eyes. My dreams were gone and the real world set in. It was time for another day of survival. My name, Randy Arnetly. I’m a healer living in a world where healing seems extinct. To sum it up, living hell. I have been trapped in this place for nearly a decade, at least that’s what I would perceive it to be. Here is my story.

I grew up with sick parents. Day after day, night after night, not knowing if I would be an orphan the next day. By age nine I knew my life would be devoted to fix this; to keep other little girls from crying themselves to sleep. Then April 24th it happened. They were gone.

At age 17 I assembled my first team of professional healers. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world. Just imagine for a second what my day to day is like. My everyday is spent along with twenty plus others hungry for justice from dark spirits. Well, maybe I should say was. I saw hundreds of people brought back from the grasp of death before I came to this place. I decided to take a team out of the country, it just wasn’t right to keep our gift in America. I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure where we were to be sent. I knew the world was full of afflictions and my giftings are strong. There was a heavy burden on my shoulders. After many hours with some of my mentors I decided to take my team to the southern tip of Africa.

My team was young, vibrant, and bursting with joy thinking about the wonderful works that were about to take place. Nothing could stand in our way. Man, those are some of my best memories. I remember it like it was just hours ago. Me and my team found ourselves in Gegondo and started our healings. I saw fourteen legs grow out that weren’t there in a three hour period. But that place wasn’t the place I just knew it. I knew in my gut there was a place with more sickness then anything I had experienced before. I talked to some of the locals and was told about an off shore island where an ungodly strand of bacterial endocarditis was attacking the people. I was warned that the only communication from the island was electronic. No outsider had been exposed and returned. This was the exact thing for me and my zealous team of miracle workers! We bought a boat and headed out.

After a seven hour trip of preparation we reached our destination. The island is called Pytellen. When we arrived we discovered the island had approximately 3500 residents and around 1500 were infected. It was time to get to work. We met up with the local witch doctor. Yes, I said witch doctor. This island was primitive yet somehow the native tongue was English. The culture was phenomenally dark. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The spirits of evil ran this place, I could feel it as soon as I stepped off the boat. The witch doctor warned us to leave. He warned me and I ignored him. I was such a fool.

We started our first day off just as usual. I divided up my team to different levels according to experience and where I would be sending them. My first group had my most seasoned associates. I sent them to those who only had about a estimated three days of life left in them. The rest of the team I dispersed through the island as I sat down with the witch doctor to have a session with him. The good doctor had felt the symptoms himself. After about an hour healing took place in him. After the next week is a blur. This darkness wasn’t like anything my team had ever dealt with. The rookie’s just weren’t strong enough. Bacterial endocarditis usually is a slow killing disease. For most it takes about five years to destroy the body. The darkness stole my rookie’s hearts. They were dead within four days of being on the island. I miss them.

Now, four years later, there is only seven out of the originals left. I hate this. I feel so powerless and empty. But it’s not taking me. I feel the disease pulsing through me but I will not give up hope. Currently there is approximately 57 people not showing apparent sign of infection. To me that sounds like hope. Today I’m going along with my colleague Matt Hutchinson to meet up with the witch doctor to see what we could do. Matt arrived at my hut and we took about fifteen minutes of quite time to get in the zone. At about three we gathered our tools of the trade and went over to the witch doctors hut. On the way me and matt talked of our straggles for the day, exchanged some war stories, and somehow found some things to share a few laughs about. When we arrived all the laughing stopped.

Before we even walked in the door the negative spirits around the area almost knocked us off our feet. It was all we good do to get the door open. Matt opens the door and I let out a scream. The witch doctor is dead. We wanted to mourn the loss of our friend but there was such a shift in the atmosphere we had to dig deeper. I had Matt check the body and while I dove into his journal. Matt called me over to check something out. We are so close to setting this island free! “Randy look at this”! Matt found something remarkable. The witch doctor had on his neck the charm of darkness. He was the one causing this plague! That’s why we’ve been held back for so long.

“Alright Matt, we now know what to do” I said. Nothing can keep me back now. I’m swarming the island with healing! It’s crazy I can really feel the chains breaking off! It’s only been two hours and the releasing is so strong I think we may be off the island by morning! Matt! what did you find? “nothing but restoration” he said with a laugh! I stop just to think and smile. Wow this is what freedom is. How I have missed it.

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