Health Series | Soda: More Than Unhealthy

There are some stats that may make you want to ditch your sweet bubbly favorite.

It’s common knowledge these days that soda is not the best beverage for health. But throwing around stats like increasing liver fat by 100 percent and increasing waist sizes by 500 percent will turn anyone’s head. (Parent Company for Men’s Health) cites a Danish research study that showed soda contributed to a dramatic build up in fat around the liver.

Even more concerning, the study finds that people who drink soda every day showed a 30 percent increase in triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are blood fats connected with sugar and processed carbohydrates. There has been increasing research showing triglyceride levels impact cholesterol as much or more than fats!

Not surprisingly, the same Danish research study showed that regular soda drinkers showed an 11-point increase in cholesterol levels. (Kind of makes bacon look like a vegetable.)

Diet soda drinkers are far from immune. Those who drank two or more diet sodas a day saw a 500 percent waist expansion, according to a University of Texas Health Science Study.

Studies with mice show soda’s main issue stems from the sugar and artificial sweeteners . When more glucose reaches a person’s liver than he/she can process, then the liver will turn the rest to fat.

That fat is perhaps the worst for the body. Contributing directly to high triglyceride levels (blood fat), which is a major trigger of heart disease.

Soda is far more than a sugar rush. It’s as dangerous as any food.

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