Heapin’ Helpins of Grace

On account a y’ort not to have folks walkin’ on egg shells all the time around ye. If’n yer standard is perfection, that’s what God is gonna expect of you. (Matthew 7:2, The Hillbilly Bible Series)

Give a little bit, give a little bit of your love to me. -Supertramp

Folks, one a these days we’re all gonna have to stand before our maker on judgment day. Does that terrify anybody else? I’ve heard tell that God is perfect and well, let’s just say I’ve messed up a time or two. We gotta learn to dispense Grace y’all. Whenever possible, we gotta give big ole heapin’ helpins of grace!

If’n somebody let’s ye down, fergive ‘em. How many times have you let folks down? If’n somebody don’t live up to yer expectations, remember they are humans, not robots. You are human too, dear heart.

Some of us think we want what we deserve, but if’n we really give it some thought we’d say, “Lord, don’t gimme what I deserve! Gimme grace! Gimme heapin helpins of Grace Lord!” Do you really want the justice you got comin’ from a Holy God or do you want grace and mercy on judgment day. If that is what you want, dear heart, then be somebody who lavishes it on folks. Then you’ll be just like yo Daddy in Heaven.

If’n yer the boss, don’t scare folks half to death. Love ‘em! Love is a much greater motivator! Love is the best motivator! Here’s my simple creed of leadership, “Love yer folks so much they’d do anything fer ye.” That works y’all! King Jesus loved His friends so much that even after He was gone fer years, ever’ single one of ‘em died fer Him!!! (except brother John who had to live to a hunnerd so he’s could write Revelation).

Can you imagine bein’ a boss and havin’ folks who would literally take a bullet fer ye? That’s the kind of loyalty Jesus’ leadership style inspires. Love folks so much they’d do anything fer ye. That’s leadership that works, y’all. And when ye git right down to it, ain’t we all leaders in one way or another?

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