Heart Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says love like red roses on Valentine’s Day. But they wilt. A box of fine chocolates says love as well, but may remain on your loved one longer than you like. Poetic verse expresses love from the heart….a wonderful gift from those with that talent.

The perfect valentine for the lady of one’s love is a gift of the heart. Heart jewelry says love like nothing else. As actress Melanie Griffith once said, “there is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart.”

Heart jewelry is any piece of personal adornment that employs gemstones or precious metals in the shape of a heart. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, rings or pendants can incorporate the heart shape in the design. Ask any woman: Nothing says love quite like a lovely piece of jewelry.

The possibilities for heart jewelry are endless and limited only by the expressive imagination of the jewelry designer. For example, the center stone in a necklace might feature a red stone naturally shaped as a heart. Earrings might feature gemstones within a heart-shaped setting of sterling silver or gold.

Heart jewelry has one particular advantage. Unlike flowers and confections, heart jewelry is forever. The symbol of love–the heart–conveys emotion in a tangible way and does not fade or disappear. Heart jewelry can be worn at will for all to see. It withstands the test of time.

The heart allows the jeweler to create a message in the design from color and shape. Gemstones of red, rust, or pink make jewelry appropriate for Valentine’s Day, including rubies, garnet, tourmaline, rhodonite, mookaite, petrified wood, and freshwater pearls.

Stones can occur naturally in the shape of a heart without cutting or shaping. Tumbled and polished stones of colored minerals rarely take on the shape of a perfect sphere, making the occurrence of natural heart-shaped stones more frequent than one might think.

Jewelry design lends itself as well to heart-shaped arrangements of gemstones. Small cut gemstones can be set in a heart shaped outline. Larger stones, semi-precious minerals in particular, can be carved to create the heart shape.

It is the simple but symbolic line of the heart shape that conveys sentiment in the jewelry design. Let gemstones in hearts come to those who love and are loved this Valentine’s Day!

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