Heart on a Stick Graveside Memorial

Do you take flowers to the cemetery to honor a lost loved one? It’s always so sad to visit the cemetery but it often makes us feel better to leave a lovely bunch of flowers for the person we love and miss so much. You can purchase inexpensive graveside memorials of flowers at many department stores and online but you can only buy what they make. When you make a memorial yourself you can have it with the exact colors and sentiments you want.

Purchase a heart-shaped Styrofoam piece at a craft store and make the cemetery memorial. The hearts are available in various sizes and thicknesses and they’re not expensive. There are many ways to decorate the heart to make the memorial you prefer. Use silk flowers to cover the entire heart, on the front and sides. Cut a piece of fabric to be the size and shape of the heart and glue it to the backside. Make sure you use glue that is waterproof; hot glue won’t work for this project.

A nice way to decorate the heart is to spell out a name, “Love”, or another sentiment, using the flowers. Poke a hole in the heart, add a little glue, then place a flower in the hole. Continue doing this to spell out the sentiment with flowers. After that, fill in the remainder of the heart with flowers of a different color so that the sentiment stands out amongst the flowers.

Make a different type of heart memorial by using wooden letters. Purchase these at a craft store and paint them. Glue these to the heart then surround the letters with flowers all over the front and sides of the heart.

Another way to make the heart memorial is to just paint the Styrofoam shape with glitter paint. Fabric paints in a tube make it easy to dispense the paint and spell out a sentiment. With this design, you can use gathered lace or gathered fabric to make a ruffled edge around the perimeter of the heart.

When you’re finished making the heart you want it’s easy to attach it to a dowel so it will stand up at the gravesite. Just slide a small-diameter dowel into the point of the heart – a few inches into the heart – and remove the dowel. Fill the hole with glue and push the dowel back into place. Then, push the other end of the stick into the ground at the cemetery.

The heart memorial is a very easy one to make and it’s nice that you can create it to look exactly like you want, with the colors, flowers, and sentiments you choose. Since it’s made from waterproof materials the memorial can stand there for a long time.

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